Help Buying DVD Burner

I’m on a tight budget, and looking for a burner at a cheap price, i dont know if i’ll find that :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll need it for CD-Rs, and RWs, and DVD±Rs mostly, not so much for DVD±RW/DL/RAM, but it would be nice if the drive had those.

so maybe something along the lines NEC? Pioneer? a drive that wont be picky up the type of media i put in, and can make good backups of my games.


i’m replacing some weird brand burner i never heard about because it stopped burning the dvds :\ piece of junk, took my money down the drain

Both of those are good to go!
I would get the cheapest weekend sale that has with free ship!

PS/the NEC is a little more user friendly but the 110 may give a little better burns! Also the NEC 3550 and PIO 110 have lots of FW support at this site!

Just a note thet the NECs will do booktyperom for +R media from the factory! Not always neccessary / but handy!

Well maybe that is my new LIGGY FW for the 3550/4550! Don’t know if the current NEC FW has BOOKTYPE or not! If that is the case, then it doesn’t matter. Buy what your wallet desires and hack away!