Help buying a new burner



Hi people!

I’ve been around the forum for a while and now I want to buy a new burner. There are so many treads that I just can’t come up with a decision. Would you be so kind to help me?

Now I have a NEC2510 drive and it is a very bad one. It is so picky with reading medias that it’s almoust unusable.
Now I don’t know which burner to buy? I have heard good things about NEC 3520? And it is also cheap.

Other options are:

Plextor 712A
Plextor 716A

While the 716 plextor costs 3times more than NEC 3520.

The quality of writing and the ability to read as much better is the most important thing for me. I don’t need speed higher than 8X.

Please help me to choose!

ASUS is a Pioneer drive and MSI is a BenQ as far as I know.
NEC doesn’t have PI/PIF scanning, is it a problem?

While Plextor has the most advanced features but as I have read trough the reviews the 716 is not as good as expensive.

This time I would go for the BEST drive that is why I ask YOUR help experts!

Thanx in forward!


I still prefer my NEC3500 for burn quality and rock solid operation but the MSI/Benq is a very complete package with PI/PIF scanning and good overclocking with standard firmware, but IMHO it’s not as good a drive as the NEC, especially at the outside of the disc (end of the burn). If I burn a quality disc in the NEC I don’t need to scan it, it just works every time.

If you get the MSI/Benq make sure you check out ala42’s MCSE tool and if you get the NEC make sure you check out Dee-27’s patched 3520 firmware. You’ll find these in the appropriate sub forum.


I would go for the MSI/Benq. The NEC 3520 is not held in near as high reguard as the 3500. Also consider the fact that NEC simply does not offer the features that most others do. Things like bittsetting and PIE/PIF scanning are not necessary, but its nice to have these features officially supported by the manufacturer rather than relying on the great coders of this comunity. Look at the great support you got for your 2510 last year compared to now but Benq is still putting out firmwares regularly for the 8XX line.


Its been reported that a firmware update will come out soon to add PIE/PIF scanning ability to NEC 3500 and 3520 drives. I’d recommend either a NEC or Benq drive for now.


I know a couple ppl that have the nec 3520 and it’s a great drive especially for the price


Pio 109/Plex716/BQ 1620/ or elcheapo for $39.
Some of us bought an AOPEN 1608 on clearance for $39 at Office Max. Look for Rosewell/Micro Advantage etc and You just missed a great Easter sale. Wait a few days and check BB, OM, OD, CC, Newegg, etc for falling prices.


PS/That 2510 is a great little burner.


PS/That 2510 is a great little burner.

It really is a great writer. Some have trouble with its reading and that can be cured with a good reader not necessarily a new writer.


Yes, but a good reader costs almoust as much 3520, so I see no point of buying a reader instead?

Are readers better than writers? And if yes, which one?


DVD-ROM drives are a lot cheaper and some are the fastest rippers like the Aopen. The Aopen 1648/AAP/Pro DVD-ROM for example costs $25 and the NEC3520A costs about $60. So having one of each you can get fast rips and high quality burns too.


Agree with VeryBadBoy.

I have a Nec 2510 + Aopen 1648 AAP.
–> Perfect write quality and extremely fast ripps.
(and the aopen is compatible with Nero DriveSpeed, so it can be very silent too, e.g. fpr playback.)


Ditto to COdeKing about the 3500 and from what I’ve heard it applies to the '20 also. I use a LiteOn 1213s@1653s for scanning, etc. The NEC is my burner.


I would go with the NEC.

The BenQ has questionable quality issues, as it tends to get very warm, even when the drive is idle. This excessive heat will tend to shorten the life of the BenQ.