Help buying a dvd burner/external



Hi everybody i’m really new to all this computer life i want to buy a dvd/cd burner external however i’m limited to a pentium3 733mhz 255mb ram my computer has a cd reader only cmp is a dell optiplex 110 please help w/ any suggestions on whats a goood brand(s) thank youever so much for your time and consideration to me. :slight_smile:


I would dump the CD ROM and replace it with an internal NEC 3520 DVD writer. You should be able to burn at 4X with that old DELL.


Thank you furballi for your reply,when you say dump the cd rom i’m assuming your stating take the cd rom out of my computer and install the NEC 3520 DVD WRITER ? will the NEC 3520 WRITER allow me to burn cd’s also ? like i said i’m clueless to all this computer stuff so please forgive me for the 100 questions. :confused: :confused: :bow:


Replace the old CD ROM with the new 3520. NEC will also burn CDs.