Help buying a CD-RW Burner!

Can you guys recommend me a good CD-RW Burner that has:

Good quality CD production
Lesser C1 & C2 errors
Good access time
Good transfer rate
It doesn’t have to be very fast burner


i have a liteon ltr-52327s revision 2 and im very happy with it
it burns excellently my taiyo yuden medias
anyway keep in mind that only liteon/plextor cd-rw drives will allow you to test the disc quality

Thanks for the suggestion phil.


Lite-On drives are good for their price. They have reasonable burning-quality and no probs with Safedisk-protected CDs.

If want to get the best, go for a Plextor Premium.

  1. Excellent writing quality
  2. Only drive capable of backing up Securom-protected CDs
  3. Excellent and fast with DAE extraction
  4. Superbe built
  5. Very good performace at all.
  6. Plextor is King with CD-RW :cool:

Pianoman speaks the truth. My Plextor is almost worth the cost of 3 times that of Liteon. Actually, the liteon is the bargain.

MMMM… did’nt know about this cd writer, might have to invest in one instead of the liteon SOHR-5238S.

Over in the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum it is the drive to own. I have found it burns with about 1/5 the C1 errors on my CMC media and even better on the Ritek.

Wholeheartedly agree with these guys :iagree: the Plex Premium is a very good drive in nearly every way. I also have a Liteon52327s, and I think the Plex is better for sure. Not only does it give very good burns every time, but as Pianoman said, it’s the ONLY drive that can make backups of Securom protected discs,well other drives can, but you have to use the TwinPeaks method.

Not to mention, between the liteon52327s, the asus5232, and the plex premium, the closest I could come to a “perfect” Safedisc 3.x protected disc copy, was with the Plex. Tried many softwares and a bajillion combinations of setting etc, and Plex Premium as both reader AND writer, made copies that worked in the most drives, only with Discjuggler burning soft. With some other softwares (alcohol, clonecd, fireburner, etc) the liteon or asus did better than the plex. But Plex+Discjuggler was the best ones, been several months now though since I’ve even burned CD’s, cept maybe an occasional data disc.

I’m not knocking the liteon though, it’s a good burner too really, but I think Plextor took their crown back with this Premium drive. Either drive should serve you well, good luck with whatever your choice :slight_smile: