Help burning video to CD

I know alot about PCs but nothing about this. I got a rar file of a video. The guy said it had four images for CDs in it. I extracted it with WinRar. I got what looked like four images. And a lot of other stuff.

cd1.000 few hundred megs: right size for an image
cd1.010 is 143K
cd1.020 is 145k
cd1.vc4 is 5k

and so on for cd2, cd3 and cd4 except that all of those have only cdX.010 and not .020 and their .vc4 files are 4k.

On top of this, there are four other files, cd1 through cd4 .VCX files, which are either 31k or 32k in size.

I tried to open them all (just in case) with WinRar, but it reports that they are not archive files. Nero does not seem to recognize any of them.

Does anyone know what they are and how (and what program to use) to process them for burning to CD?

According to this link you need IsoBuster. Get it & see what happens when you try to open these files.

Thanks Tim C. Once I get ISO Buster what actually do I do to the files? There are many options in ISO Buster. I am brand new to all this. Thanks again.

I’m guessing here. Open the VC4 file with Isobuster (File->Open Image) & inside you’ll find some other files. These can be extracted by drag & drop into a directory of your choosing. What happens next depends just what they are.
Over to you.

Thanks so much. I am studying for my CCNA. They are training videos.