Help burning to LG 4163B


I have tried using the search function but the results are huge :eek: When it comes to searching for something on this site, it’s size is its own downfall, so forgive me if this question has already been asked - but it should make answering it easier :bigsmile:
I bought my LG GSA-4163B (A102) from ebuyer (no disk/software/cables/manual etc) but worked on XP straight out of the box. I bought some Ridisc 4x dvd-r’s to test the drive and they worked a treat. Tried some really cheap reject cd-r’s (overprints(?) - with the kaleidoscope type print on them) and they burned as data and audio no probs.

I want to use my R300 printer to the full so I bought some full face printable dvd-r’s but they don’t work: Bulkpaq 8x dvd-r. The 4163 is the only drive I have so I rip to my HD ok (using Roxio cd/dvd 6) but when prompted to insert blank media, I do but keep getting ‘No media inserted’ and the drive opens. When I try the drag to disk option in Roxio (through explorer) it tells me that the disk is ‘read only’.
Are they just incompatible with my drive? Or is it the software? Or both? I upped the FW to A104 - still no joy! A pal’s lappy recognised it as recordable media straight away (using Nero)

What are the compatible disks? Has anyone compiled a list?


What are the compatible disks? Has anyone compiled a list?

Sorry :o ,
might be easier just to tell me which disks you recomended (printable and non-printable disks, please)

Thx again