Help: Burning .tivo files to DVD-R

[qanda]This thread is about the HP DVD1040i. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a question about burning tivo recordings to a DVD-R disc. I haven’t ever tried this before and I just purchased my HP DVDR drive, my 1st ever DVD writable drive i’ve ever bought by the way. It did not how ever come with any sort of burning software; bummer :(.

So my question is how do I burn my tivo recordings saved to my hard to DVD? And will it be playable in my standard dvd player? And what is the best software to use for this?

Also, I think I may need to convert the files first; but I am unsure what to convert the files to prior to burning. I know this must be true because all the files end in .tivo. I already have tivo desktop to convert the files for me, but i’m wondering if anyone could tell what file format I may actually need? thanks.

You might want to look at the free trial of VideoRedo TV Suite. It should be able to handle Tivo files and produce a finished dvd.