Help burning Red alert 2



i need help i want to make a copy of red alert 2 but it burns then doesn’t play tried it 4 times 4 different ways and nothing … i have and hp 8200 burner can anyone help…;please keep it simple i’m new thank you…


I’ve tried everything that i know how to do even clone cd didn’t work does anyone know how i can go about burning this with an hp 8200 burner i’m new i don’t understand this patch stuff please help


What burner, what burning program?
Legal version ==> copy with CloneCD.
Illegal version ==> install crack (

Still problems? Ask me :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like crossposting… …Use Clony (use search to find it) and check the security on Red Alert… ?
Else… …I don’t know I guess :slight_smile:


Red Alert 2 =SD2 I think, so no succes with hp…


Red Alert 2 has the SafeDisc 2 protection and you need compatible hardware to copy it. Your HP cannot do it so you’ll need a crack or InseKtorS to play it. Cracks can be found at and InseKtorS on



Er… …can u grab a crack then? Or is that NOT possible too?


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