Help! burning multiple avi to dvd video

hmm can somebody help me how to burn my avi files into dvd i got 10 episode of my favorite anime then i want it to burn it in 1 dvd and can play in any dvd player. when i try using nero i can only burn 4 episodes and theres no menu for that :frowning: help me pls and i want to know also if it is posible to burn 26 avi files to 1 dvd video? help me plss thnx

yeah… i know that no matter the size, u can only burn to its maximum time limit, but yet i see dvds that have 8 movies in 1. how did they burn it? is it like a compression of some sort?

hmm yeah some got 15 episode in 1 disk and aprox 23min in one episode :frowning: how did they do that?? somebody help me plsss

I use a program called “ConvertXToDVD” you can use multi formats.

Try DVDFlick(free) set backup to HDD and use IMGBurn w/DL media to burn…