Help burning MP3s for MP3 player please

Hi there,

Before I started, I did a search but didn’t really find an answer
that helped my situation.
I hope someone can help please!!!

Here goes…

I have a Liteon 48x24x48.
I am using Nero bundled.

I just bought an Hyundai Mp3 player(portable)

I wish to make a multisession of Mp3s that I can add onto.

A friend of mine has the same MP3 player and Nero also and
doesn’t have a problem.
I have tried both CD-R and CD-RW;burned as data files.
These CDs play fine on my PC but on the Player,it reads the CD;reads the folder and then says “No disc”.

What am I doing wrong???:confused:

When I look at these files (on my PC) after burning, they have changed to WAV files???

To do a multisession,can this only be done on CD-RW?
I am getting so mixed up now…
Please help…

jwscange( a Very new Newbie) :slight_smile:

if they mp3’s are changed to wav…you didn’t burn a data cd with mp3…but something else

i don’t have nero installed, but i use the freeware Burnatonce.
I just use data cd en drop mp3 in the program…then burn…always works

1 question;

why didn’t you ask your friend how he burns his mp3-cd’s??

Hi damiandimitri,:slight_smile:

I did ask and she just said to burn as data which I have done.
She doesn’t have a Liteon either.
I thought it may the combination of what I am using???
I don’t know…

jwscange :confused:


your burner is ok…shouldmn’t be so hard to burn an mp3 disk
perhaps it just doesn’t read muliti session…

do you want to try bunatonce??

Hi there damiandimitri,

I gather bunatonce is another program is that right?
I would certainly be interested if this will burn the mp3s
as a multisession.
This is very important to me as I am making a
CD to learn songs as I sing in a acapella quartet and being
able to have many songs on the CD and being able to add
more as we need to.
Thanks for your help damiandimitri.:slight_smile:


i will give you the link to buRnatonce (i forgot the R the first time…lol)

perhaps you should try it first a bit…program is pretty easy…just select data cd and drop your mp3’s in
…and if it don’t work i try to make a small guide.

Hi damiandimitri,

LOL…didn’t notice that the “r” was missing myself…lol

Thanks for the link!! :bigsmile:

Downloaded and did my first CD.
Worked fine!!!

Now is it possible to add on to a data file using a CD-RW?

Like in Nero as a multisession,as I really need to be able to do this too??
Perhaps that small guide you spoke of might be helpful
for using this program for me until I am familiar with it…

Thank-you for your wonderful help!!!

Wendy :smiley:

Originally posted by jwscange

When I look at these files (on my PC) after burning, they have changed to WAV files???

While in Nero, you gotta choose the CD-ROM (ISO) format to be able to burn the chosen MP3 files as data.

When choosing the Audio CD format, Nero automatically converts your MP3s to WAVs.
That’s why those could not be playable in your Hyundai Mp3 player.

your welcome wendy

glad your first cd worked

I will look in to the multysession thingy of burnatonce.
But it can take a few days.


Ah…Thank-You so much BoSkin :slight_smile:

Didn’t know that!! :o

Shall give that a try!!!

Thank-You ,there is no hurry.
Shall wait to see what you come up with for burnatonce.

Thank-You both very much indeed :smiley: :smiley: