Help burning MP3 files to CD-R's

Hi Everyone. I’m totally new at MP3 technology and have 2 basic questions in relation to burning MP3 files to CD-R’s using Windows Media Player 10 to be played in my car stereo (JVC model KD-G310). Anyone who can answer either or both of these questions, especially the first question, would save me a lot of time and effort, and I would greatly appreciate it. Here are the questions:

  1. When I burn MP3 files to a CD-R to play in my car stereo, why won’t they play back in the order that I burned them to the CD? Do I need some sort of tag editor? Is that the problem?
  2. When I burn MP3 files to CD-R’s, why am I able to fit 12 hours (153 songs) of music on them? I thought the limit was 8 hours but accidentally selected 12 hours of music – and it worked. It plays all 12 hours perfectly in my new car stereo, but not in the track order that I burned it.

Sounds like your car stereo plays mp3’s, and that is what you accidently burned in WMP when you selected the 12 hour option (153 songs). A typical CD should not hold more than 20 songs (WAV).

This is what I got on a google search


Description from Brandnamez: “JVC Car Cd/mp3 Receiver, 4 X 50 WTS, Multi-color Display => Model KD-G310”. So it looks like your car stereo will play mp3’s.

As far as the order goes, I suggest you select two songs, write down the order you selected them in WMP, and burn a test cd or cdrw.
Listen to the results on the burn cd and then create your playlist accordingly in WMP.

My car stereo plays mp3 too. In order for them to play in the right order you need to have the files named in sequential order.

There are a number of ways to do this.

  1. Use Itunes. Create a playlist and burn to CD. Itunes will automatically rename your files on the disc so there is a number before the title. Only issue is you cannot create folders on your disc. You have 150 songs in one directory. Works fine.

  2. Use Nero. Rename your files in the order you want them. “Pearl Jam - Black” becomes “1-Pearl Jam - Black”.
    Then burn the disc. Tedious, but it works fine.

  3. I use a program called Acoustica MP3 CD burner. It works much like Itunes, but lets you create folders, and is drag and drop. It is not free, but it works very well.

Hope this helps. Itunes is the cheapest and quickest way.

As for the 12 hour thing, there is no time limit, it is data controlled. If you have high quality Mp3 files (320 kbps) you may only get 4 hours on there. If you have WMA files (64 kbps) you may get 12 hours. On average with VBR mp3, I get about 7 hours on mine.
Good luck.

Everything will default to alphabetical order. So to get around this place #'s in front of the tracks in the order that you want them.


01 - aaaaa ( Track 1 )
02 - bbbbb

You will have to do the same if you want break things down into folders


01 - aaaaaa ( Album Title )

 01 - aaaaa ( Track 1 )
 02 - bbbbb

02 - bbbbbb ( Album Title )

 01 - aaaaa ( Track 1 )
 02 - bbbbb

Now all you have to do is use a ID Tag editor, and edit the tags accordingly so that you will end with the right display on your JVC KD-G310. Winamp has an ID TAG Editor.

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Thanks everyone! This site is awesome. I can’t believe how fast my questions were answered.

For future reference I want everyone to know that I posted this question last night in 2 other forums – “Audio” and “CD and DVD Burning Software”. Since I got the most responses from the “Newbie Forum”, I will no longer check the other forums for answers. I think my questions are more appropriately posted here, at least for now.

So to help other Newbies out I have copied and pasted another response from redarmy11 in one of the other forums, as well as my response. This way we can keep all the valuable information right here in this forum.


Re: Help burning MP3 files to CD-R’s

  1. MP3 files are normally burned in numerical or alphabetical order, regardless of the order that you specify. To keep them in a particular order, you’ll need to rename the files, adding a sequence number to the start of each, ie “001 - Track 1”, “002 - Track 2”, etc.

It’s obviously very laborious to rename the files manually, but there are batch renaming tools such as R-NameIt (a freeware renaming tool) which can help.

  1. The number of MP3s you can fit on a disc is determined by the ‘bitrate’ - a higher bitrate means higher quality but also a larger filesize, and therefore less songs per disc; a lower bitrate means lower quality output but more songs per disc.

When you select 12 hours of music, Media Player automatically adjusts the bitrate so that you can fit this amount of music on the disc. Other programs may be able to lower the bitrate even further, so that you could fit even more songs on the CD. Try to find a balance between sound quality and filesize that suits you.

Hope this helps…


Thanks redarmy11. The information that you provided was exactly what I was looking for and I really appreciate the advice. I will try the freeware program that you suggested.

I’m still a little confused because the 3 CD’s that I burned so far with MP3 files don’t SEEM like they are in alphabetical OR numerical order when I play them in my car stereo, which was my first thought. For example, I burned a CD with about 90 songs - about 30 Led Zeppelin, 30 Jethro Tull, and 30 Black Sabbath. When I play it in my car the very first song is “Achilles Last Stand” (Led Zeppelin), but the very last song, for some reason, is “Bungle in the Jungle” (Jethro Tull). The first song makes sense, but not the last one.

Within the next day or 2 I will take a more detailed look at how the files are named and arranged on my computer. Once I find out some more information I will post the results here. My initial thought is that they are in some sort of numerical order, but maybe I’m not viewing the entire file name correctly.

Thanks again redarmy11. I owe you one.


Thanks again also to everyone who has responded. You all provided valuable information and saved me a lot of time. My response to redarmy11 above applied to all of you! I will get back to everyone in a day or 2 when I find out a little more about this.

You don’t have to rename your files with track #'s infront of em for your player to play em in the order u burned em at. I have always used nero to burn my MP3 CD’s and it’ll also let you burn folders. I have never had any problems in burning my MP3’s like u said u have. Do you use nero???

I have a JVC touch Screen Head Unit in my car

I use nero as well, and if i don’t place #'s in front of the album or song and you goto burn an mp3 disk it will default the folder names in alphabetical order as well as the songs in alphabetical order in each folder.
I use a CDA-9835 Apline Fm/Am CD XM Receiver.

Use a CD-RW until you figure it out.

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For future reference for you, it is against forum rules to double (or more) post questions as you’ve done.
This is called cross posting & if you’d read the forum rules you would have realised this.

FYI - I did briefly read the forum rules before I posted my questions. Unfortunately I missed the part about cross posting the first time I read them. My message in the other forums was an attempt to correct this initial error.

UPDATE - I just went out and bought Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 for $35 (online), which was much cheaper than version 8.0 and is fine for what I need. I’m not sure if Nero is better, but all the online reviews basically said that Roxio and Nero were very similar, but that Roxio was more user friendly and Nero has a few more features.

When I bought Roxio I thought that it would also be able to convert wma files to mp3 files from my hard drive (My Documents\My Music), but it does not seem to do this. It looks like it will only convert from CD’s in the CD drive. So one night I just used Windows Media Player to convert all the files at once (over 2,000) to a single new folder in My Music. Then I opened two Explorer windows, opened the folder in both windows, sorted the songs by Artist, and created a folder for every artist. Then I went into each Artist’s folder and sorted by album, creating a folder for each album. In all it took about 8 hours of work sitting at the computer, but was worth it.

I also thought that Roxio had it’s own library system, just like Windows Media Player does. This also does not seem to be the case.

I am happy with Roxio because it helps me record MP3 CD’s in the correct order. I can also use folders on the MP3 CD’s, allowing me to skip directly to the next album, etc…

I was wondering, however, if Nero or any other software has the missing features I mentioned above.

Anyway, if all you care about is burning MP3 CD’s in the correct order, and maybe adding folders for each album, then Roxio is fine for that task. If you have thousands of songs in wma format, it is worth a $35 investment, but I don’t think the newer 8.0 version is necessary, and it costs a lot more.

Good luck everyone.

I know I’ll get flamed this…but for basics…Roxio does a good job, and if does what you want…your equipment…you made a good purchase…:slight_smile: