Help burning large files


I’ve recently installed Nero VisionExpress 3 on my computer. I went to copy a DVD to a blank one, but after a while it just stops and says there is an error. I’ve realised that its because its a large file, so wanted to burn it onto two DVDs. Is this viable? If so, can anyone help me and give me info as to how to do it?


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What file type are you trying to burn exactly? Is it an avi file converted to DVD video?

Hiya. Thanks.

I’m afraid I’m not the most technical person (as I’m sure you’ve guessed). I’ve tried using the copy DVD button, to copy one dvd to another in my rewriter but after a while it stops itself (because the first is too large for one DVD) I’ve tried copying the files to my harddrive to copy, when Ive checked what type of file it says a VOB. Does this make any sense to you?!

If you want to do a backup of a DVD, you need another software, like dvd shrink or clonedvd2. These softwares are, in my opinion, better and faster to do such backups.

If you want to convert an avi into DVD, then nerovision is one of the best solutions.

VOB files are the ones normally contained on a DVD. Do your source disc contain VOB files too?

Yep they do. Is that a problem?

No, this is not a problem. I asked because many people use nerovision to convert AVI into DVD.

If your source contain VOB files, in my opinion, tools like dvd shrink or clonedvd are better than nerovision to do backups.

Ok thanks I’ll try them