HELP - Burning Issue

I am not a novice when it comes to PC’s however this problem has really stumped me. I used to have a P4 2.6 running Windows XP Home and burned my DVD’s using DVDShrink and NERO, great no problems. I thought I would treat myself and bought a DELL Quad Core 3 Gig RAM 8800gt GRaphics anyway all singing pc with Vista 32bit. I tried using DVDShrink with NERO 8 and the DVD’s would not play on my house DVD player mmmm I thought and changed to IMGBurn again they would play on my PC but not my house DVD. Tried using 1ClickDVD Pro still the same problem, the DVD when trying to read sometimes started but went “Blocky” and jumped. I am really brassed off with this and I am thinking of throwing this pc in the bin. Oh forgot to mention I have replaced the burner twice and even tried running XP again still the same please please somone help!! Oh I have run a full diagnostic on the pc and all seems in order:o


Please dont crosspost your issues in different sub-forums. Please read the rules pertaining to this. You have already posted this issue

Sorry about that - won’t happen again