Help burning game Cd's to 1 Dvd

Hello, I am looking for some direction as to how I go about backing up my retail game CoD2 from six Cd’s to one Dvd. This would save me alot of reloading time. Any help or if there is a tutorial out there I would certainly appreciate any tips.

reloading time???

Once installed, it shouldnt matter anymore.

If one needs to re-install his or her OS, that would require “re-loading” of software. Helpful replies only, would be appreciated

[B]You can even COPY the whole installation ot another folder/HDD and run it from there.[/B]

I’ve done that a few times already with exactly that game.

Well it appears from the replies I am getting from Chef, that I need to clarify for him the information that I am searching for. I own several games that when purchased were not available in Dvd format only multiple cds which require an attended setup if I need to re-install for any reason. I would like to consolidate the cd’s onto 1 Dvd. Perhaps this is just the wrong place to post this since some of the readers (Chef) obviously have no clue.

Insulting people who are trying to help won’t get you very far either…

Your choices are,

  1. Create Image files of the game disks and then burn to DVD. Install via a virtual drive.
  2. Thats about it.

It is possible to create a DVD from CD’s in some cases but you need to edit things which will possible violate the license aggrement which makes it illegal.

I did not insult any help sources, I was not offered help by Chef, my question was being questioned. It was an honest request that eventually recieved an answer. Thank you Womble.

Try to rip and copy all your CD games in to your hard drive then if the total size is near 4.4 GB just go ahead and burn them all in one DVD disc if the total size exceed 4.4 GB then first use DVDShrink to shrink them to be fit in one DVD disc (4.4 GB) and then burn them.

Thanks for the help, I did try that method when I first bought the game but it still prompted me for the next cd when running the Dvd. I’ll take another stab at it.