Help Burning Full Length DVD as an ISO to a DL disc

Hey guys.

I have backed up some of my movies on my HD as ISOs using DVD decrypter. They are full length, and in between 6GB - 8GB. I have a NEC ND-6500A in my notebook, and some double layer memorex dvd Discs.

I am trying to simply copy the ISOs onto the DL disc verbatim. I want an exact replica. I have tried using DVD decrypter write ISO, and NERO express 6. Both programs won’t let me burn the ISOs, usually erroring by saying that its not possible to write that much data. I’m not sure if I haven’t put down a setting correctly telling the software that I do indeed have a DL burner and DL media, or if I simply need different software. All help appreciated. THanks.

Its not the software dvd decryptor should do it fine
btw at the start of you post you say you are using memorex double layer then you say verbatim so i dont think its a media issue either…

yea, unfortunate coincidence of the english language. verbatim: meaning exact copy… not the brand.

and i have tried dvd decrypter. doesn’t work

Then try actually using Verbatim media rather than Memorex. :slight_smile:

Your problem is probably that your writer doesn’t support writing to Memorex dual layer media but practically all, if not all, dual layer writers support writing to Verbatim dual layer blanks.

yea, dvd decrypter is giving me 2 errors:

invalid field parameter list
cannot write medium, incompatible format.

this is my burner… it appears that maybe i can only do dvd+R… which is weird because thats what the memorex are.

on a side note… anyone want 30 DL memorex discs for a bargain :wink:

Are you sure the memorex discs are double layer as 30 seems a lot of discs for double layer they are mostly in less quantitys than this…
anyway your best bet is to buy a single verbatim disc and if this works then you know its the memorex discs that are at fault…


yes. they are Double layer. newegg has 15pks for $48. fantastic deal. unfortunately, looks like i won’t profit.