Help burning files downloaded on BitComet

I need help burning files downloaded on BitComet onto either a cd/dvd.

Please Help me :bow: :sad:

What seems to be the problem laddie?

I couldn’t use the movie file i downloaded and transfer to my dvd burner, I can watch the movie on the computer, does it need a special software or need to changr the format before i can burn it.
thanks a lot

is it a legal title?

No ! It’s a technical matter.

lmao :cop: :rolleyes:

what format is it in? im guessing it’s an .avi file?
oh and don’t answer that stupid question from haveacigar we will help you if we can :wink:

Surely if it’s an illegally obtained movie then the rules of this forum prevent us helping which was the point of the question from [B]haveacigar[/B].

dude as long as he doesn’t say it’s an illegal movie WHO CARES. So far he has said not a word about it being illegal or legal. As long as he doesn’t say it’s illegal he should be helped not harassed agreed?

Didn’t bitcomet host a lot of movies for which you needed to install an active-x plugin first? Your movie is probably encrypted.

I have installed Active X into my computer already but it still won’t work.

hangkiucheung: Let’s assume you have read this reminder of the forum rules.

However, unless you tell us what the three-letter extension of your file is, then we can’t help much further.

If it is an .avi, and you are trying to play it on a standalone DVD player, then you may need to remove packed bitstream with a simple utility. If it contains Qpel, GMC or suchlike then you’ll need to re-encode.

We await your response…

what is the extension?

There are rules. Anyone has apply to them, even you and me.
So [B]haveacigar[/B]'s question was a question with a purpose. :bigsmile:

yeah there are rules and he hasn’t broken any of them.

No rules have been broken yet, which is why I haven’t warned anyone and the thread is still open. If anyone sees something more suspicious please use the bad post button…

Meanwhile this is a request that we all be nice and stay on-topic. Hopefully the OP will provide some more info to keep this thread alive.