Help burning DVDs

This is my first time trying to burn dvd’s and I have a double layer dvd burner and Nero 6 memorex suite. I tried burning dvd rip and avi files, but nero would just freeze it wouldn’t work when I added the file. I don’t know what is wrong. Please help.

I never heard of nero 6 memorex suite?? What is the exact number for your nero 6.x and also what kinda burner do you have and does it have the latest firmware? Also what kinda of media are you using and at what speed? Also what does nerospeed tell you about your drive settings? When does it freeze or hang and does it give a specific error message and also what kinda of file are you adding ie what is the file extensions? The file your adding was it created from a source and did you test it to see if the files you created was working or corruption free during the process? We need more details as to what is going on to resolve this problem your having.

Yes as coolcolors stated, and you need to be clear on this,
“I tried burning dvd rip and avi files, but nero would just freeze it wouldn’t work when I added the file. I don’t know what is wrong. Please help.”

What did you rip with? are you trying to burn an avi file???

I have Nero 6 and a memorex double layer dvd recorder with 16x.
I first tried importing an avi file, but then it would just have the busy icon and then it would become unresponsive. Then I tried importing a dvdrip and it didn’t work either, it just becomes unresponsive and I have to usually end the program. These are downloaded movies and I have watched these movies on my laptop before so I know that they work. Hope this helps, thanks.

ok that a more clarification I was confused as to what you first mention. What model and firmware is that unit first off? There is a rule about on this cdfreaks stating movies that are downloaded, we can’t give help or assistance for whether this applies to you or not I can’t say but in general any downloaded movies the users on this forum can’t give assistance to you unless you own or purchased the movie dvd. You might want to check on the rules of this forum when you first registered on this forum.

Let me clarify the position: The rules state that we can’t help with illegally-distributed copyright material. However we do not know whether the movies under discussion are, so for the moment this thread can continue.


If you think that forum rules are being broken please just report it as a bad post & let one of the moderators decide if the rules are being broken.

Generally until there’s evidence of any downloaded movie being illegally obtained copyrighted material we tend to give the benefit of doubt.


You do need to be fully aware of our rules regarding illegally obtained material whether it’s movies , software , games etc.

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hey guys i just need help with burning i pretty much need to know what programs to have and what files i can burn to dvd and also how to go about doing so, so pretty much everything any help would be much appreciated thnx

I actually do have the dvds but they are older movies and they are scratched so when I tried to burn them I think that they were not readable. I decided to download them and burn off again. So I am not supposed to download them even though I have the originals?

It’s your decision whether or not to download illegally-distributed copyright material, but whether you previously owned the discs before has no legal bearing on the matter.

Our rules are that CD Freaks cannot give you any help with using such material; sorry. I suggest try another burner with your scratched original discs, such as a LiteOn or an LG unit which are better readers. Alternatively you could try a Skip Doctor, which will resurface a badly scratched disc.

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