Help Burning Dvds

ok so i just started burning recently and im having some trouble with downloaded movies, i burnt some old socom videos that i had on my comp and they work and i could watch them so i know the burner works and what not… but these downloaded movies i have(they are dvd rips) will not work when i burn, it says burn successful and everything but when i go to watch them, nothing shows up on the dvd… any suggestions? i use nero btw

I would think that unless this is a pay service your downloading illegally. But thinking you’re useing a paid service there is copy protection on them and the dvd player may not be able to decode the files. Where are you getting the Downloads so the users can see what is being done here. A link will work.

@ Jbomb,

First suggest reviewing the CD Freaks Forum Rules ( and note the comments concerning Double Posting. You have Double Posted in both the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum and CD Freaks CloneDVD Forums. Double Posting is against the CD Freaks Forum Rules, doesn’t get a reply to your inquiry any quicker, causes confusion and is discourteous to the Forum Member that responds to your inquiry.

Also when viewing the CD Freaks Forum Rules note the comments concerning Copywrite Laws. Downloading Commercial DVD Movie Title “DVD Rips” is an illegal practice.

CD Freaks Forum Members will not provide any assistance copying illegal “DVD Rips of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

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All I can say is I :iagree: . That’s why I ask for the link site there is a few D/L movies that you can pay for but saying a dvd rip I bet you’re right. :bigsmile:

Considering this person said he’s using nero…not anydvd or clonedvd. :cop: