Help burning divx to dvd

hi, ive just got a dvd-r recorder and i download alot of divx can i burn these to a dvd disc to play in my stand alone dvd player.

i have tried converting them into dvd format(mpeg) but the software(nero) is asking for all sorts of weird files(vob,ifo and bup).

please can anyone help.



You will need to do the following steps.

  1. Convert your video .AVI stream to Mpeg2 (DVD-compliant) streams (video only).
  2. Convert the audio to LPCM or MPA or AC3 audio streams.

Visit this site to get the tools you need. Most tools are free, others are in count-down demo mode.
TmpegEnc can do steps 1 & 2 for you.

  1. Use an authoring package or the freeware ifoedit to author your mpeg video and audio streams. ifoedit creates the VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP and required VOB files for you.

  2. Make sure your project does not exceed 4.38 GB. DivX streams can become 4 times their size after converting to Mpeg2.

Visit these interesting sites also

Good luck.

Assuming they are trailers and other legal movies…
Have you check out our tutorials?

If you’ve got the $$ by far the easiest way would be to buy a standalone player that supports divx playback. Something like a Liteon PhoMaster or KiSS player.