HELP! burning data bluray w/ImgBurn

I’m trying to get a bunch of mkv files on a data bluray.

they are all type mkv
I have drastically simplified the file names and volume label
type MODE1/2048 UDF 2.50
recursive subdirectories checked, everything else unchecked
the disk plays on my computer so it was a good burn

my Sony SOBDPS1200 bluray player reports “unknown” disc, unable to play
It plays other mkv data files just fine

…? pulling out my hair.

still need help pls

Are the mkv files encoded the same way as the ones that have worked in the Sony player in the past?

That is the first thing to check. Examine a good one with MediaInfo, then examine one of these new ones and compare encoding parameters. The text and tree views within MediaInfo are the most useful.

If this is not the problem, are you using the same type of discs? Are the mid codes the same?

aha. thx for the MI lead. Found audio/video mismatch support with this sony bluray; mp4 video codec is supported but not with DTS.