Help burning CDs with japanese filenames

Heya, kinda new here.

I have a question, and I’ve been killing myself trying to figure it out all day long, I’ve made about 7 coasters so far.

The game is a Japanese one, and I think i’ve isolated the problem, but… i still don’t know how to solve the problem.

I’m trying to install the game from .img and .cue files. I also have a .sub.

I’ve tried burning using Nero, CDRWin, and FireBurner so far with no luck getting a complete copy. The game runs, and you have the option of playing it from the CD, but it won’t install. Also, the file that is giving the problem won’t allow you to view any movies you’ve collected in the game. (it’s the biggest part of the game, basically)

I get this error when trying to install the game:

In English (kinda) :stuck_out_tongue:

In Japanese

The file that it’s looking for actually looks like this (there’s only one file in the USER/MOVIES/ Directory):

It seems to me like the file was renamed, but i’m not sure how to go about fixing it.

I also tried viewing the .img in IsoBuster. The underscores were replaced by question marks instead. Also, one thing to note: WinISO and CDMage both wouldn’t load the .img file at all. :confused:

Anyone have any idea if i can either edit the filename, set some kind of option to fix the file renaming, (if that’s the problem) point me towards some other program i can try out that might be able to help me, or otherwise? Any help would be quite appreciated. I’m pretty baffled at this point. ^^;

Thanks :slight_smile:

[EDIT] NOTE: Double clicking on this file also causes a “file not found” error. Odd, eh?

I hope this can even be solved, that it’s not just a problem with the .img file itself. I’m guessing something like this hasn’t really been encountered too often before. I guess I’m just going to have to hope for the best. (crosses fingers) ^^

“Error in the data transmission process during viper of paradise black lingerie setup”??? :confused: I guess that explains why viewing the movies really is the point of this “game”…

If you own the original CD and can’t back it up due to some form of copy protection, perhaps you should try CloneCD or Alochol 120%. Nero won’t break copy protections. There are special forums for both CloneCD and Alcohol as sub-forums of this one.

If you don’t own the original CD, then I don’t think the rules of this site permit giving help.

For general tips on burning CD’s with unicode filenames, see a series of posts starting here:


<edit>have -> own</edit>