Help - Burning Audio Tracks With Nero 7



I would much appreciate if anyone would be so kind to tell me if there is any chance for audio tracks burned in Nero to be showing remaining time (when played in normal CD players), not the elapsed time (which is, obiously a default in nero)?



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In my experience, for the CD player to show the time remaining is a feature of the player, not the way it’s burned (on my Sony CD player, for example, you hit the Track Time button twice for it to start counting down the time remaining). That’s assuming I’ve understood your request correctly. :wink:


Your CD player has to have proper Software embedded in to it to be able to display such function it is not that easy.


It’s so called firmware. Some models can update their firmwares (similar like DVD players, via inserted CD), but mostly they doesn’t support changing of firmwares. Anyway check the site of manufacturer or manual, or ask your dealer about the options…


Check out you Player Manual. Maybe it is there somewhere. It has nothing to do with Nero