Help burning an authored DVD9

I authored a new dvd with ifoedit (Lord of the rings 3 The return of the king Extended) and i want to write it in a DVD9.I used PgcEdit to create an iso but i didn’t wrote it after the creation. When i tried to burn it using Imgburn it gave me an error: Write failed. Also i think that PgcEdit didn’t set the layer break because i open the VTS_1_0_.IFO from the iso with ifoedit and i see that there is no layer break. So, I have to set it manualy? Are there any ways to burn an authored DVD9 movie?

There are many ways to burn a dvd9. If you’ve the source disc you could try dvddecrypter to make an image and then burning with Imgburn. Another alternative would be CloneCd. So you don’t have to worry about the layer break, cause these tools are preserving the layer break automatically.

best bet is to re-rip the disc with anydvd (or equivalent) in the background using dvd decrypter in ISO mode then write the resulting ISO and .MDS files with imgburn.

this gives you a perfectly preserved and positioned layer break.

I’m pretty sure Imgburn calculates the layer break for you if one is not predefined. It may not be in a good place in the video , ie a pause is noticable as it switches to the second layer but it should burn OK.
So it’s not necessarily that which caused the unspecified error.

If you’re not using Verbatim +R DL media then that’s as likely a reason for failure as anything.

I don’t have the original disc. I only have the .vobs and i want to burn them in a dvd9 but when i create the iso with pgcedit i open the VTS_1_0.IFO with ifoedit and there is no layer break. Is that a problem? I choose with pgcedit where to set the layer break. Which is the best way to burn the *.vobs?

Burn it with Nero (or similar) to an ISO image & then burn with ImgBurn.