Help Burning a Movie

hey i really need some help? i have copied this old dvd that i have onto my computer because i wanted to make a copy of it! So i used dvd fab 5 and copied the movie but i cannot figure out how to burn the dvd on a dvd? can i use that software and how? or do i need to download something else?? Please help

Most commercial dvds are too large to fit onto a single layer dvd without cutting extras out or compressing them. Did you use DVDFab to reduce the dvd to the necessary size as well as using it to rip to the hard drive?

DVDFab Platinum and Gold can do this, the free section of DVDFab cannot. So it would help to know your process.

Provided your video is the correct size to fit on your target disk, you can use ImgBurn to do the actual burn. It is free to download and use.
This guide shows how to do that: