HELP! burned disks not recognized

I burned some photos on TDK dvd+r disks with Sonic digitalmedia plus v7. Now they are not recognized by my pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k16 drive on my laptop or by my friend’s drive on their desktop. Neither system actually even recongizes the disk, although it appeared that it was burning successfully using the sonic app.

The sonic application usually gives some message before it burns any disk saying that it may not be recongizable on other drives, but from what I remember it gives this message regardless of the kind of disk I burn. Memorex disks burned on the same drive with the same software give me no problem.

I thought maybe that the problem was that the disk did not finalize, so I put it in the drive and clicked finalize in Sonic, and it spit the disk out and said insert an appendable data disk.

When I look at the underside of the burned TDK disk, it looks like there is in fact data on there. How can I access it? These are special photos…please HELP!

Aren’t the photos still on your hard drive? If this “sonic” program deletes your photos after burning them, it is the dumbest program on earth and you need to either dip the installation disc in acid (if it came on disc).

Use Nero or IMG burn. These should work well at making a data disc with photos on them. Pretty much all drives will be able to read the discs and same with standalone dvd players (that aren’t super old).

It’s probably bad discs but I would still advise not to use that program.

I bet you use @16X rated discs, and you write them at full speed. Well, TDK-branded discs can be of so-so quality (used to be great until 2-3 years ago) thus depending on the burner you need to write them @12X, or even @8X to be on the safe side.

It would be nice to mention your burner. :wink:

Maybe you also need to change your burning software as cd pirate mentions. Programs that won’t finalize a disc by default can be a real pain in the a** cause you have to think about that all the time.

Oh and a late welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Francksoy. Does this mean that the data I thought I had burned to the disks is now inaccessible or not even there?
No, cdpirate…I burned all of my photos to disks then too hastily reformatted my harddrive =(