Help burn xbox 360 games

hi i am trying to burn a xbox 360 game with imgburn and it keeps stoping on 98%
i am useing verbatim dvd+r dl 8.5gb 8x 240min disc in my philips dvdram sdvd8821h i cheeked the game with DVDMulleterBeta10.2 and everythink looked ok so then i opened imgburn and whent to tools seting then on one of the tab it say wright and its got a box in the top right corner saying layer break( for dl media) i selected user specified and typed 1913760 and put the wright seed at 2. 4x and then click start

any idears what i am doing wrong could it be my dvd drive :sad:

looks like your doing everything correct, could be a burner problem do you have another one you can try ?

i have xbox backup creator but when i teyed that it just stay on start wright it dose not show any induction of wrighting is that normal to do that

I meant the dvd writer it’s self not the burning program, Imgburn works great for 360 backups.