Help burn warcraft 3: frozen throne



hi i am sort of new to copying stuff, but recently i broke my frozen throne cd. i do have an image of it on my hard drive. i read it with alcohol and it loads fine. but now i want to reformat my computer, because it runs a little slow. i tried several times to burn the image onto a cd, but every attempt failed. the game would not start up. an error message saying please insert correct cd appears. i was wondering if there is a way to burn frozen throne successfully. thanks alot.



This will depend on what your burner is and if you are playing your backup from a burner.

Before you do anything, if you are playing your backup from your burner, you must enable Alcohol’s Ignore Media Type option either from it’s emulation button on the main screen or it’s try icon.

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i currently hav a asus 5224a burner and i have a dvd rom (pioneer i think).

i also will be using tdk 48x cdr media.



You should be able to make a copy. I think its securom.

Read instructons here:

Reading subs is important, I am not sure if ASUS or Pioneer would be better for reading. I know Toshiba and Lite-on do it very well. I would opt and go with the ASUS.

Also, ASUS and/or Pioneer had a problem at some point I believe where they could not install a securom backed up title with the twinpeak methos when using CCD. You may need to make two copies, one which is just straight data and one which is twinpeak method. Use data copy for installation only.


the instructions of the link refers to clone cd images. i have an alcohol image. what should i do?


i dont use alcohol, sorry :(, i will move this to their forum for you.


You should make the image with Alcohol using the .ccd format. Then patch the image with Twinpeaks and a BWA, then burn it.

All using the SecuROM new format


Ok, assuming that you own a licensed original, albeit broken, and have an image in alcohol format (mds/mdf), you should still be able to make a working twinpeak copy from your image.

First, mount the image on an alcohol virtual drive and then follow this tutorial using the mounted image as the source cd.


[li]You will have to download a bwa file because you will not be able to make one from the mounted image.
[/li][li]Although you can install the game from your mounted image, if you wish to do so from the burnt cd, you will probably need to make a separate installation cd without using twinpeak patching since both Pioneer and Asus drives often have problems with installing, though not playing, from twinpeak copies.
[/li][li]If you want to play the copy from a writer, you will need an atip hiding utility such as alcohol’s Ignore media type.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


thanks guys for the help, but the game takes quite some time to load. any suggestions?


Originally posted by cd1680
thanks guys for the help, but the game takes quite some time to load. any suggestions?

Because it is not a perfect copy, it will take more time to authenticate than usual. This is normal. But as long as it eventually loads there should be no problem. How long does it normally take?


loading takes about one fulll minute, as opposed to the normal 5 seconds or so. it gets very annoying after a while.

is there ANY way to reduce the load time?


what other alternative is there?


Originally posted by cd1680
[B]loading takes about one fulll minute, as opposed to the normal 5 seconds or so. it gets very annoying after a while.

is there ANY way to reduce the load time? [/B]

I guess you should load from a fast CD ROM, try playing from a Read-Only Device, try quitting all programs before playing. That means exitting everything in the system tray, and getting rid of everything that is not essential with ctrl+alt+delete.

Good Luck:)


ok thanks alot. it does help reduce the load time by a little, but not much. but whatever, its better than nothing. i really appreciate the help that everyone has given me. thanks again to everyone who helped.


hey Plextor Premium’s varirate does the job…how about buy one!


just out of curiosity, how would you do it with a plextor premium? and how long would the loading time be?


i am not sure if Alcohol has implemented that feature…if not then BlindWrite is the answer to your problem…all you need is a bwa file which you can download from or…then select the bwa file with the tweaker program and you are off and burning…loading times are under 5 seconds…so its a facsimilie of the original game


Since the Plextor Premium makes the best backup anywhere, thje load time will be signigicantly reduced.


A cheaper alternative to buying a plex premium is to just buy a Lite-on dvd. If you run a twinpeak copy from a Litey dvd, it will load with no discernable difference from the original cd. (No problem installing from a twinpeak copy either.) :slight_smile:


thanks alot. i think im gonna go and buy a plex premium. i REALLY appreciate the help since im such a noob. thanks again.