Help Building DVD Duplicator with Wytron Card

Hi new to the forum, wondered if there was any sites with info on this. I got the stacker case and the dvd writers, and the controller card. Im having a problem finding out where the power goes on it, does the card turn on the power itself or do you hook the case power button up to it ? I didnt really see anywhere on the card to hook it up to. Thanks in advance for any help.

If you have an ATX PS, you need to jumper a couple of the pins on the plug for the MB, to have the PS work. I don’t have a link, but a Google should find it.

I too am building a wytron DVD-399 9 target tower (with an AT PS). Any suggetions for the best (ie. fastest DVD & CD burn, no coasters, best price) burners?

From my experience, the pioneer 109 is giving the best results. And since you can use the 109 as a reader as well as a writer, just buy a case of them and save on volume discount!

I’ve had good results with NEC burners too. With a Sony reader.

Nothing but trouble with Benq’s though.

“Hi new to the forum, wondered if there was any sites with info on this. I got the stacker case and the dvd writers, and the controller card. Im having a problem finding out where the power goes on it, does the card turn on the power itself or do you hook the case power button up to it ? I didnt really see anywhere on the card to hook it up to. Thanks in advance for any help.”

I have exactly the same problem and I can’t find the solution :frowning:
Anyone knows how to solve this?


I am not sure what you mean by “Stacker Case”. The manufacturers still tend to call them “Duplication tower cases” or even “SCSI cases”. These cases should have a small button on the very bottom of the case. Sometimes it is small and hard to see. If you look inside at the wiring comming from the power supply, you will notice the power switch cable. The controller and the drives all use the same molex 12V connecters. You may have a small rocker switch on the back of the PSU itself but this will only control power comming in. As far as general operation with Wyrton controllers I would recommend:

  1. Use a dedicated Reader (CD ROM, DVD ROM) for the source drive as this will generally improve speed.
  2. Consider using a hard drive for the source. Again, this will improve speed.
  3. Use the same model drives as targets.
  4. Use the factory recommended drives.
  5. Make sure the firmware on the target drives is identical.
  6. Make sure the firmware on the controller is the latest.
  7. Make sure the jumpers and cables are set correctly and in good condition.
  8. Made sure the power supply is strong enough (350 to 400W)
  9. Check to see that there is good cooling inside the case (I like to remove the outer cover)
  10. Do not go cheap on the media!
  11. Do not go cheap on the media!
  12. Please do not go cheap on the media!
    13 If you do go cheap on the media, lower your speeds, you may still have some success. But remember, cheap media is the #1 cause of problems. ( In my opinion)
  13. Do not always believe the rated speed on media. A good example: not long ago, a major office supply chain was selling Memorex DVD-R media rated at 16X at a very cheap price. Testing revealed the media was really only 4X capable.

looking to buy a dvd duplicator.
wytrons… are awesome?

Hi I’m a really big rookie.

And this question has probably come up before.

I wanted to make a CD/DVD duplicator about 10 cds at a time.

Can anyone tell me every part/item that I need? Thanks a lot.

Hello rookiedeziner, welcom to the club.

Here is what you need:

  1. A Controller Board. This is a board that is mounted into a 5.25 inch caddy. The caddy is sized to exactly fit into the same size opening of a CD/DVD drive. Ther are a few brands out there, I recommend the Wytron 688. Others may recommend other brands but I like Wytron. Just as important is the dealer you purchase from. Find one that will support their customers and knows a little about the products they sell. A controller board should come with all of the drive cables you will need as well as a installation/operation manual.

  2. The drives. For a 10 target system, you need 10 “burners” and one “reader”. The burners and reader do not have to be the same model but you need to have all of the burners match. Do some research to find drives that are compatible with the controller board. The manufacturers’ website may list some and other sites (such as club cd freaks) may give you additional advice. You can purchase a case of drives (10) sometimes for a pretty good price if you find a reseller that will give you a discount. 10 drives will fit your board if you are using a 10 target model, but you will need an additional drive for the reader. Some people do not use an optical drive for the reader, choosing instead to opt for a hard drive. The hard drive can be loaded with disc “images” from any one of the other drives on the system. Then, the user can put in blanks and burn from the hard drive. It is also possible to chain two drives to the reader channel and have both a hard drive and a CD/DVD reader on that one cable.

  3. A case. These are not PC cases. They are made specifically for duplication towers. If you are building a 10 target system, you need a 12 bay case, 10 for the burners, 1 for the reader, and 1 for the controller. Most modern 12 bay cases will have a 3.5” internal mounting area for an optional hard drive. Make sure that the case has enough power. A good quality case should give you at least a 400watts psu. Google “12 Bay Case” and see what comes up. I think Newegg had a pretty good deal on one a while back.

  4. Putting it all together. Read the manual, take your time, and the building should be a snap. These systems are pretty basic and you should have no problem putting one together.

hey can I use a Hd with the Wytron 688?

Read above post again,

Hi, I have a dvd duplicator that now burn the dvds too slow. I fixing it for a friend. it has the pioneer 109 in them with an 80 gig hdd and dvd rom

can I wipe the hdd clean with disc wipe or powermax and that will solve the problem? the hdd doesn’t seem to have any format on it

[QUOTE=vance43211;1978766]Hi, I have a dvd duplicator that now burn the dvds too slow. I fixing it for a friend. it has the pioneer 109 in them with an 80 gig hdd and dvd rom

can I wipe the hdd clean with disc wipe or powermax and that will solve the problem? the hdd doesn’t seem to have any format on it[/QUOTE]

  You shouldn't have to pull the HDD out to format it. There is a choice to do this on the duplicator. Also this is probably not the cause for slow burning. It is probably firmware related.

thanks. do I have to hook them up to a computer to upgrade the firmware?

I have been duplicating CDs professionally for 14 years and I have paid over $40,000 for automatic duplicators during that time. I now build my own towers using Wytron controllers. These are inexpensive, reliable and easily upgraded or repaired and I can duplicate 400+ CDs per hour.

I am burning DVDs more frequently and larger runs. My current DVD towers were built 4 years ago with Lite-on 16X drives and Wytron 399 controllers. These are very slow, taking over 15 minutes to burn and compare a full DVD. Also on long runs of DVDs, they tend to overheat and slow down, sometimes not finishing after 6 hours.

MY Wytron 688 towers have CD burners and I plan to upgrade these to DVDs, any suggestions as to Drives that won’t overheat and provide fast burns?

I just built my Duplicator tower today. Cost = under $800
I built this a a budget project for making DVD dubs for a video project, we dont have alot of money to work with, and we have alot of work to do. So I wanted something reliable, and CHEAP. Our videos are for the client, so they cant have any read errors. So it was important to incorporate a HDD to load the masters to. Just to be safe and if I have time I load the master to the HDD @ 1x and copy to the drives @ 6x or 8x. FYI I just built this today, and immediately produced 250, 4 GB DVD’s without a cool down period including verification. I only had 1 error…it ended up being a scratch in the media…

Here is the device.

12 target CD/DVD Stand-alone Tower currently 1/11 target. SATA Interface. with HDD and Controller.

Parts List:

(x1) Wytron DVD-899.

Thirteen SATA ports to control 12 writers with one source drive. Source can be either HDD or DVD ROM, or both. Automatically formats HDD partitions according to drives attached. I suggest going into the sub menus and manually selecting partition sizes if you have DL-compatible burners…but rarely duplicate DL DVD’s as it will partition to 9.4 GIGs, you can set sizes from 850 MB, 4.9 GB, 9.4 GB, 30 GB, and 50 GB. Also compatible with Blu Ray.


(x1) ILY model VS-013A

Thirteen Bay Duplicator tower case with 400 watt PSU, has 3 cooling fans on the case, and one in the PSU. I got it from Directron for $100.

-as advertised it was not supposed to come with bay covers, a problem if you want to build a 6 bay now, and expand in the future…

-was not supposed to come with a place to mount the Hard drive either

I opened the box, and all the bay covers were there!
There is a HDD mounting bracket right under the PSU

(x11) LG SATA model GH22LS30 DVD multi-burners. (Retail not OEM)

-from what I gathered they are rated compatible, have good reviews, and most importantly they were cheap.

$30.99 per drive

(x1) Athena Power Hot Swap HDD cage.

It is really nice…solid…mostly aluminum.

-Only bought because I was told the case did not have an HDD mount, am going to return, and get another LG Burner.


(x1) Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640 GB hard drive.


And lastly the PSU uses 4-pin Male Molex connectors. So I had to buy Molex to SATA power adapters. I saw them online for like $1.50, but couldn’t wait to see if everything worked so I bought local and paid $2.99 per adapter.



I got free Shipping on everything, except 1 shipment.

Grand Total. = $767.07


DVD-899 (or any SATA controller card for that matter)

SATA rather than IDE.

IDE is obsolete, so even if you can get a 12 target IDE Controller card for 80 bux, what happens 1 or 2 years from now when a couple of your drives fail? IDE Writers are getting pretty rare, and the prices are still pretty close to what i paid for the LG SATA models. So in the future when you need to update 10 drives, and find the firmware…have fun. Did I already say that IDE is slow?

-Blu Ray compatible.

When Bluray Combo writers come down in price (Soon) you can upgrade the drives, and keep the same Controller.

-HDD/DVD-ROM master -or- Both. Actually I dont thing you even need a ROM Drive, you can tell the controller you want to make SATA port # 2 the Master reader, even if it isn’t a ROM drive. ROM Drives are obsolete too. Don’t quote me on this but I wouldn’t bother to buy one. If they weren’t obsolete there would be more available for purchase…there aren’t


Build it yourself, find the manuals online…for Wytron…especially the 899 the manuals and firmware updates are not available online. Just EMAIL customer support i think it is make sure it is the .tw extension. I emailed last night, and got a response in 5 minutes…Broken English but quick, courteous and they sent me a PDF of the manual specifically for the 899 not the generic BS manual you would normally find for their IDE controllers (31 pages with a few diagrams) and the most current up-to-date firmware bin file. FYI don’t bother calling the support phone # in California…its a distributor Ebenezer tech or some crap, and they still havent replied to my emails. the Taiwan email address is good because when it is nearing midnight in the USA, they are at work…in the morning AM.

I dont care what anyone says about buying a Duplicator pre-built from some company. Because I would have had to pay more than DOUBLE for a “similar” system. Yeah it may come with “better” drives but who is to say it is better. You will not get a 640 GB Harddrive, maybe a 350 GB…and is it a 7200 rpm drive with 16 mb of cache?

How about that warranty? yeah…are they going to charge you for shipping, are they going to send you a brand new replacement drive, or are they going to make you wait while they send it to the manufacturer for repair?

If you get a good cheap drive, and one breaks down…go to the store and buy a new one for 30-40 dollars. (Same brand, and Firmware version)

If your Controller card craps out…buy another, try another brand.

Where is the value of spending $800 to $1000 dollars more than I did, when the components are so easily replaced?

and to close.

There are only 3 brands of controller cards that are worth considering. Even then they are almost identical, do your research, ask around and settle on one that suits your needs, but from a place with a good return policy so if you don’t like it, or it isn’t compatible with the drives you just spent $300-500 dollars on, you can simply exchange it for another brand.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Where can I find the wytron 899 firmware. I have a tower with 1 sony reader and 10 lg burners. It has a lot of problem coping dvds. Help please.

Hi and Welcome!

have you already contacted Wytron support?


Hello Everyone,

I have just purchased 2 DVD Duplicators with 15 Writers, have done few duplication projects for my client who wants his own company profile video to be duplicated into 10,000 copies.

Now, do I need to get a special license to run this business or Can i operate with the current proprietorship registration. This is a new business for me and do not like to get into any legal issues from the Indian Govt. Client has already given me the rights to make copies.

Looking forward for your help… Thanks in advance.