Help building a collection of DVD Movie/TV Show clips

Ok, I’ve been all over the web at different forums trying to find someone who is attempting the same thing that I am. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone who is trying to do exactly what I am trying to do. I found a post here that was in the right direction of what I want to do, but not quite.

Here’s what I want to do: I want to compile a collection of clips that I have taken from the vast number of DVD’s I have to create a “best of” compilation. I want to add transitions between the clips (if possible). One thing I’ve noticed that has been a big problem is that I have all different types of aspect ratios, but I want to be able to transition from clip to clip even if they are different aspect ratios.

I’ve started by using MPEG-VCR and opened the .VOB file from the decrypted source. I have used the GOP Trim function to trim out the portion of movie/TV show I want. I then saved it as a stand-alone clip.

I thought I was on the right track with DVD Lab Pro, but it would not let me transition to video types of different aspect ratios. In addition, I could never actually get it to build a DVD. It would a) crash when I tried to compile if I didn’t demux the audio and video, or b) crash even when I did demux the audio and video. One more note, when I would try and de-mux the .VOB in DVD Lab Pro, it would say there was an error with the .ac3 file and the sound would be unsyncronized after I “fixed” it.

I also tried to save the clip in MPEG-VCR in 16x9 mode and adjust the movie size according to it’s original aspect ratio, but I have had trouble getting that to work correctly… In addition, I seem to lose some video quality when I use the “Save” function of MPEG-VCR.

I have also tried using Power Director to create an authored clip compolation, but it doesn’t seem to want to compile the .VOB files (it crashes) and when I have got it to work it stretches/shrinks the video to the MPEG size I have chosen.

Anyone ever do something like this? I want to have little or no loss in video/audio, I want to keep the anamorphic data for my widescreen TV, and I want to keep the Dolby Digital for clips that had that. I can live without the anamorphic and the dolby digital, but I MUST keep the original aspect ratio, I don’t want any stretching and/or shrinking. Adding my own transitions would be a high priority.

Thanks in advance.

try using TMPGenc Plus to convert/re-encode each video file to whatever DVD compliant format you want. then try TMPGenc DVD Author to compile a DvD with menus etc. guides for both apps are everywhere. google is your friend