HELP! Buffer problem with my 3500 (not the normal buffer stuff)

Hi All !

Ever since I’ve had my 3500 it has been doing alot of buffer jumping when it starts to burn at a fast speed i think…

for example… I will burn a dvd @ 8x and at around 50 or 60% into the burn the recorder buffer will go from 97% to 91 then it constantly jumps from 91 to 89 and 84 and just keeps jumping around :frowning:

And then when i do a disc quality test with cd speed at the end of the disc it goes REALLY high error rates … :frowning:

I’ll attach some images if someone can tell me where to host 'em.
I hope someone can help me figure out whats wrong…


anyone? :((

You can post them here if you use the go advanced. My buffer in Nero jumps from 98 to 89 all the way through. I don’t consider that to be bad.

Oh and btw, I’ve been using TTG02 and TTG01 MEDIA!

If you are over speeding your media as in burning 8x media at 16x you will get high errors in the end sometimes.


Buffer jumping is common with the 3500 - it’s really working hard to give you a quality burn - it is also very RAM intensive and I have seen my RAM indicator on my tool bar go down as much as 240-250mb during a burn-


Im not over speeding… the tdk discs i use are 8x speed so i burn at that :confused: ok let me work out how to post images :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok just before i post the images from cd speed
Ill just add this… When its doing the disc quality test and as it builds up speed like at around 14x read i think it was… the pi and the other one went up HEAPS like into the hundreds but then later on i used the same disc and started the disc quality test at around 3000mb and it showed ok results like 20 and 2-4 and was reading it at like 7x

is there a way to limit the speed of what it reads at? i would like to test it much slower on my discs :confused:

Ok post some images. Both my NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620 jump 10% up and down. 97%-89% or so. I’d get nervous if it dropped to like 10% and back to 90% or down to 0% lol
Edit: You can run Quality test at 4x for slowest i believe. Run 4x for anything but a BenQ 1620 or it’s kin.

Just post a reply to the forum and then click Manage Attachments at the bottom of that and then you can upload your scan from there. Save the scan in .png format as these are small file sizes. :slight_smile:

It’s normal for the buffer to jump around a lot on any drive I have ever used including my BenQ DW1620A’s. What firmware version are you running on your 3500AG? You may want to try Liggy & Dee’s Version 2 Beta 6 firmware as that firmware gives very nice results - especially on Taiyo Yuden media and other top grade media like Riteks / Verbatim / Fuji, etc.

Im using firmware 218btrpc1 (made by liggy i think) which i just put on last night.

Ok ive attached an image of I-robot dvd i just scanned right now! :stuck_out_tongue:
Burnt on ttg02 media @ 8x
for some reason when i read it just now… it didnt read it at a fast speed :stuck_out_tongue: prob cause i set max of 10 in the setting :o
heh so is this an ok burn?

Do you have anything else to scan the disk with? Not sure how accurate that drive is.

um… i have my burner… but for some reason the start button is greyed out in cd/dvd speed ;(

any other programs i can try?

Not that i know of. I’ll let someone else comment on that scan. Can you re-run the scan at 4x and post it?

I dunno how to set just 4x ?? :frowning: it only lets me select maximum in the speed setting spot :confused: