HELP: BTC drw1108IM -wont read certain DVDs

I just installed my BTC DR1108IM the other day, and it worked fine-with certain DVDs. When I popped in other movies, like Van Wilder or Behind Enemy Lines, the drive didn’t recognize any of them. Some work, others do not. Could someone clarify and explain this to me? The DVDs are all originals, not copies. Is this a problem with the drive itself? I even updated the firmware, but still nothing happened. Should I return it? I’m still learning, so please be easy. Thanks again, any help would be appreciated.



for me it sounds that there is a problem with your drive. Are CD’s working correct and what about burning cd and dvd, have you tired it?

are the dvd´s all of the same region? (maybe a problem with region settings).

did you get an error message???.