[HELP] BTC-1008 under XP running slow

Ok…couldn’t find any similar cases after a search so I am hoping one of you can help me figure out what is wrong with my setup.

Bought a BTC-1008 several months ago and installed on a machine running W2K server. The drive was originally running slow and burned several coasters. After reading this board, I discovered UMA. Made the change and the drive was burning fine at 4X.

I just recently bought a Dell SC400 2.8Ghz, 512MB ram running on XP SP2. I moved the drive from the old computer to this one and the problem came back. During a burn, the light on the drive would flash green, green, orange. Nero’s speedcheck indicated DVD read at 6.9x maximum after turning on UMA. I was able to successfully burn a 4x dvd after 45 minutes. I’ve tried the following…

  1. Turn on UMA, IDE is showing “Ultra UMA Mode 2” after reboot
  2. Upgraded to the latest firmware to 0069
  3. Switched the burner from Secondary slave to Secondary Master
  4. Change the dipswitch from cable select to Master
  5. Deleted both the drive and the secondary IDE from Device manager and reboot
  6. Check the BIOS and there’s nothing on UMA

I’ve also taken out the burner and reinstalled it on my old PC and the burner runs like a champ. Now, did I miss something obvious? What else should I check on the software side? My next attempt is to swap out the IDE cable and see if that makes a difference. Suggestions?

Welcome @ cdfreaks

-Try to install the burner without a slave device.
-Have you installed any nforce ide drivers? if yes uninstall them and use the M$ standard drivers.

Thanks for the reply. I saw the earlier post about the nforce driver but I don’t think I have that. Looking at the driver list under the IDE channel shows I am using a MS one.

Also, I think I’ve made a few typos in my original post but I don’t know how to edit my post again. PC is actually a 400sc and instead of 0069, it should be whatever the latest firmware is.

Anyone else has any suggestions? :confused: