Help? Breakable REPLACEMENT jewel cases!



Hello everyguys,

Here’s a simple brain-teaser for you:

How do you know that the CD jewel case you buy to replace a broken jewel case won’t be even more fragile than the original? :confused: Think of this as a variant on the well-explored terrain here in the CDFreaks forum: Quality of blank media.

Wondering if it would make sense to start a separate sub-category in the hardware forum for ‘media cases and storage systems’. It needn’t be high traffic, but it could at least collect discussion of everything from CD jewel cases and DVD boxes to luggage, mailers, furniture and filing systems.

On the specific question of replacement jewel cases, here are a couple of options:

  1. The jewel case. On Amazon, there are loads of complaints that the bulk replacement jewel case lots are flimsy, made of recycled plastic that is exceedingly brittle. :eek: There’s no clear consensus that one brand is stronger than another.

Now, I’m all for seeing the demise of the jewel case, but I haven’t found cheap alternatives. There aren’t many othe rchoices if you’re, say, selling an old CD, and need it to be presentable for the customer.

  1. Soft polypropylene [poly] CD cases. These are at least shatter-proof, but I hear that they are also prone to scratching, and certain hinge types can wear out. Is that an overstatement? Does anyone have experience with specific brands?

  2. Super Jewel Boxes or UltraCases are superior hinge designs, but I’m reading that they don’t fit the standard bottom inserts, because they have notches at the hinges. They tend only to be useful for applications when the inserts are being designed from scratch.

  3. While we’re on the subject of cases that don’t fit standard inserts, I’d like to ask what brands people have found that are suitable as disc sleeves. Is it true that paper sleeves scratch discs?

Some years ago, I thought that the CaseLogic ProSleeve was a nice solution – it seems to use some kind of recycled plastic that’s rubbed into sort of a felt-like (or chia-pet) surface. Seemed softer on discs. But as I discovered over time, the same abrasives that were used to create a soft surface leave rough edges on the felt, and when inserting and removing discs from the sleeve over time, the felt surface actually acts as an abrasive itself against the disc. :doh: Not good.

Maybe the lesson is that any sleeve is a bad idea, and that the only way to protect a disc is with a mount that spares the least friction against the surfaces of the disc.

Bob & Dean (admins) had the good suggestion of going to a brick-and-mortar store and talking to them as you buy about using their return policy if the replacement cases are brittle. (Read: Staples, Best Buy, and other big box / big tox stores. :Z) I’m writing from a place out in the boonies, so it’s not going to matter what bricks-and-mortar vendors you point readers to – in my case, online is the only way to go if I don’t want to spend 2 hrs in the car.

Here’s a chance to add your own brand experiences.