Help! Both CD/DVD Burners Skip on Playback

I keep my high end desktop in pristine condition. I discovered last night that my two CD/DVD burners (Plextor PX-708A & Samsung SH-S-182D) are skipping tracks on playback of music CDs. They playback a full track without a problem, but instead of progressing to the next sequential track, they’ll jump forward randomly two, or more tracks and play the selected track. This occurs on commercial CDs and on system-burned CDs. I’ve never had this problem. Both units have up-to-date firmware. I first noted a discrepancy last night when I burned a copy of a previously edited music compilation from Nero 7.0: When the burn completed Nero gave a pop-up message saying that the burn could not be completed, please insert a recordable CD; The CD played fine, but skipped tracks as described on both CD/DVD burners. (It played fine on my home stereo CD player.) That’s when I tried playing other CDs and discovered the problem as described. Checking my hardware devices indicates that both units are working properly and the installed drivers are current. I’m not sure what to try and test next. I even updated Windows Media Player to V.11 this morning and it did not solve the problem. Suggestions would be most welcome.

Windows XP SP2


I couldn’t find a way to delete or retract my preceding post; I discovered my WMP settings were changed to random/shuffle. :o Geez, how foolish of me to not have checked that first. :doh: All is well now.