HELP blindwrite setting!

what setting i must use with blindwrite to backup “cd check”

protected disk??

and safedisk 2.8??

Thank you!


Game Title and Country?
version of BW?
Brand & Model of burner?

MotoGP (euro) cd check
Mafia (italian) safedisk 2.8

Blindwriter 4.2.5

OS: win xp

Burner: LITE-ON LTR-52246s

Moto GP may well be SecuROM 4.8x and you can only defeat this with Blindwrite and using a .bwa file.

Mafia is known to be SD2.7 but your language version could well be 2.80.010 it may be done with CloneCD 4016 or 4019 but more likely Blindwrite or Alcohol or Disc Juggler or DiscDump+FireBurner.

Floow the .rtf instructions in the vso/blindwrite folder for SecuROM and default settings for mafia