Help! Blindwrite AND CopytoDVD wont start!

i currently am running Blindwrite 5, and Copy to DVD. They both ran fine the first time i used them but after restart they wont run. Upon clicking on their icons, i gat an hourglss for about a half second, then nothing. Ctrl-Alt_delete does not list the executable as running afterward, nor does it even pop up for even a second when i click the file. The Log files for both programs are never written to, and i recieve no error messages. They simply do nothing. Any ideas? these are the onlyt probs ive had this problem with… perhaps something to do with the patin couffin system?
I am runnin Windows XP Pro with SP1
Amd Athlon XP 2000+
1 Gig PC 2700 DDR

you should be able to search your pc for PCSETUP. That is the pcouffin drivers. You can also just go to start and then programs and vso folder and do a check and install again if you need too. I would just unistall both and the reinstall again and make sure pcouffin is setup.

Also curious what operating system are you running ? Also make sure you have the latest version . It can be downloaded here