Help: Best prog to copy to dual layered disc

What would be the best software that would give me high-end video quality in backing up dvd movies and such given that im going to use a DVD writter that is capable of dual layered writting (im still looking into the best writter to buy… any suggestions here too?)

ive read that programs such as shrink/dvdrebuilder dvd decrypter and such are good but are they usefull ONLY when you are trying to burn into a single layered dvd? would they still be the best program if i have a dual layered dvd already?

id rather like to have a very straightforward program that can just make me insert the disc and press GO.

(free programs wouldnt hurt either)

DVD Decrypter in ISO read and write mode would do exactly what you’re looking for (read mode to create the iso, and write mode to burn it).