Help! Benq scans "Yuden vs MCC003"

Fisrt off I am a newbie in the whole DVD Writing scene. However I have been coming to this forum for the last 2 months and i have read the F.A.Q. for PC DVD-Writers and “What is a good result and how to read the graphs?”, With that being said, I just purchased a Benq drive(which i must say is an impressive drive) based on all the positive information i have acumulated studying and researching these forums.

Below I have attached 2 Quality scan images and was hoping if u guys might be able to give yor thoughts and opinions on the 2 media scans i have made.I understand the basic’s of how to read scans but since u fellows have more experience than I, your input would be very much welcome.

Since the CDR days yuden has been known to produced the best quality cdr’s and it seems from these forums that the general consciense here is the same for dvd- + R media.

Was wondering if the verbatim media(mcc003) is good enough to meet and uphold the yuden standards. In other words does it really warrent the purchase of yuden media, when verbatium is widley accessible here in CANADA. I can get truck loads of yuden media over at but the yuden disks lack the front protective cover(silver shiny front)

What do u guys recommend i used to label my yuden disks? I already bought 150 blank 8x yuden?

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Hi - they are both splendid scans. So long as any disk plays fine in your settop players, I wouldn’t worry about which of these two quality media you use. MCC 03 has been shown to work well in the 16xx series: perhaps you might burn each at 12x then scan.

BOTH disks WERE BURNED AT 12X and scanned at 8x

Very impressive scans. You are using the two best DVD+R media in my opinion: YUDEN000 T02 and MCC 003. I would also say the Verbatim MCC 004 is also right up there (MCC 004 is Verbatim DVD+R that’s 16x speed rated, but burns best at 12x speed in my experience). I would feel confident buying either the YUDEN000 T02 discs, or the MCC 003/MCC 004 discs. I use all three types with very good results. They’re all top quality DVD+R media with my two BenQ DW1620 drives (both have B7P9 firmware currently).

Regarding labels, I wouldn’t use any paper labels that stick on your discs. These can really cause bad problems over time for your media (make them unreadable, etc.). I have always used a Sharpie fine point permanent marker (not the very fine point or ultra fine point - they tend to dig too deeply into discs when writing with them and can possibly scratch the disc). Make sure the marker is a very soft point; not hard like some very/ultra fine point markers are. I’ve been doing this for years starting with CD recordable discs and haven’t had any problems. The sticky paper labels are “evil” as many others can testify to - stay away from them.

You are using the two best DVD+R media in my opinion:

THat’s becuase I was educated by u guys, most if what I have learned comes from helpful forums like these. :iagree:

We all have learned a lot from this forum. It’s nice to see you thanking others for their assistance. It looks like you really did your homework.

Regarding the MCC004(16X), staples here sells them in 50 spindles, originally I did not purchased them yet as I am unsure of there quality, until i verify it here. SO I was wondering how does the benq b7p9 firmware handle the Verbatim 16x media. IS it able to reach 16x speeds while maintaing a good quality burn? Also the ones staples sell here are made in taiwan.

Nvidia256, next time buy printable media and a photo printer. :wink:

I’m using printable YUDEN media with my Epson R200.
Endresult really look´s “professional”, much better then any paper label.

16x speed burning on MCC 004 (with firmware B7P9) isn’t bad. But, I prefer burning them at 12x speed because they give better results. I prefer quality over speed. You can see a somewhat related thread over here:

Check out page 27 of that thread (around post#656 through whatever the current one is).


That sounds much better than the Sharpie markers I’ve been using. Maybe when I get some extra cash… :bigsmile:

damn nice burns…my mcc003 do not look that good…I hate these crappy teon dics…I am convinced they are not from a good batch of mcc03

why do you not like to us sharpie marker??

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This certainly looks [B]“Off Topic”[/B] to me… :cop: I’ve been “Pinto2 Slapped” numerous times the past few weeks for just this kind of post!

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Nvidia256: Very nice burns… :wink: :wink: One consideration is that you may not fine the consistency of the MCC003’s to be as reliable as the Yudens…

Have you gotten creative with the sharpies?

How do you like that BenQ?

The best drive on the planet… :wink:

I am going to order one right now! Thanks, you can’t beat the price.

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Does using a printer to print on disks show errors on disk quality tests like a sharpie does verses not printing on them. I know my disks have a few more errors on them if i use a sharpie verses not using a sharpie and just not marking them at all.

I am glad to hear Socates007 likes those particular media(Yuden+MCC003) as that is what I am using, I will be recieving an additional 50 in a couple of days.

Both are great burns - it looks like your 1620 is working perfectly!

My guess is that either media should work equally well for you.

I too use a Sharpie marker :iagree: - it’s fast, it doesn’t cost me any printer ink, and my discs don’t degrade (like I hear they might if I stick paper labels on top). And so far, I haven’t noticed any additional errors if I scan after I label the disc - but I haven’t done very much testing on this.

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Spartane > I’ve done some testing with and without sharpies and i do get a few more PIE and PIF errors but not anything to get worried about. As far as the degrading i don’t see that yet. Will know when time goes by. Friend of mine never writes on CD/DVD disks at all and says it will mess them up (he read somewhere that it will)so time will tell on my end.