Help BenQ dw1610 reads dvd+r/-r as a blank cd

when i put a dvd+r/ -r dvd+wr it reads it like a cd blank I’ve flash the drive with the latest firmware but nothing seems to work my ide hd is set to ultra DMA5 ultra 100 please help

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It’s a normal behaviour of Windows Explorer or My Computer.
Check these threads:

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Yep as said, it is normal for windows to say it is a CD and to say Blank CD inserted. The thruth of knowing how it is being read is found by going into nero and looking at the disk info. If it says it is so many GB rather than <700MB you know for certain it is a DVD.

If this nothing to worry about than how do i rip dvd media if doesnt read it / it wont read any thing i burn on dvd either

I guess my fore-repliers thought this happens when you insert a blank dvd; you may have a defective unit… I suggest you try the unit on a different operating system or machine, then if the behaviour persist take it to service/warranty.