Help: BENQ bitsetting and Nero



I am using Nero 6608 and all of the sudden it seems that it is setting my +R DVDs to +R and my +RW’s to +RW instead of DVD-Rom. I have a BENQ burner and am using its Booktype program (v8.4) to set all to DVD-ROM, but Nero seems to be ignoring this. Can anyone help with this?

It used to work fine. I don’t know what changed.


Goto Menu “Recorder”–> Choose Recorder–> Options; Book Type Setting.
Choose “Current Recorder Setting”.

Hope it helps. :wink:


Thanks for your reply. I tried doing this first, but, the option did not show up. I uninstalled the program and did a reinstall and it then showed up. How come the bit setting option does not show up for my benq 822? I did a un/re install for that pc and it still does not show up. Weird.