HELP! Benq 1640 x-flashed to EW164B Won't Read (but XP sees and ejects)



Hi Guys,

I need some help. I used bqflasher to cross flash my BSLB to BEGB in an ALi M5621 chipset USB 2.0 enclosure. It worked before but a bit slow and erratic in reading DVDs in DVDdecrypter (it writes very fact). It was especially slow when reading retail DVDs that had uneven looking read surphase (indicative of multispeed burns I’m told).

Everything appeared to flash OK. I rebooted twice. Windows XP sees the drive as a Benq EW164b, will eject it (with the right click feature), will notice when a new DVD is put into the drive, but will not read the DVD.

Any ideas?



Make sure you turn off the power to the enclosure after rebooting and then turn it on again when you reboot


I tried that and it didn’t seem to help. I flashed the previous EW164b firmware BEFB and it seems to work, but its slower than my old BSLB for ripping. I used MediaCodeSpeedEdit before. Should I apply it to my new firmware to speed it up?