HELP! Benq 1640 - Cant finalise dual layer discs

Hi all,

My Benq 1640 cant finalise dual layer discs. It hangs at the end of the burn. It was burning fine for the first 20 or so burns. My firmware is BSPB. I am burning with IMGBURN 2.0. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. This is so frustrating. Thanks much in advance!!!

Have you changed your DL authoring style lately?

Wild guess: You’re using Memorex or Ritek brand DL media?

No, I have not. But thanks for the effort.

No, I am using using Verbatim DL disks only so it is very frustrating. Any suggestions would be most welcomed!!!

Now that I think about it, I stopped using my 1640 for DL burns for a similar reason. It killed some DL disks. If you’re burning at 8x, lower the speed. Or try another burner.

Actually the even sadder part is that I am burning at 2.4x, maybe I will bump it to 4x to see what happens. This really stinks. Ty for the quick response.

Why not try Nero or Recordnow? Hanging at the finalize sounds like it could be software. Just a guess. ImgBurn 2.0 is brand new and not tested very long.

True… I may have to try some other software. I was just hoping it could be a simple fix.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Please post a logfile from imgburn.

Also, how exactly were the sources created?

My first reply on this forum. Had the same thing, using imgburn/verbatim DL/1640. Just wait, the disc will be finalized, but for some strange reason it takes minutes instead of seconds.

The images were created with dvd decrypter via iso read. Some discs did take a couple of minutes to finalise but some hang for like 8 - 10 minutes or longer and will not finalise.
Will post a log file after I try it one more time later. Thanks all.