Help! Benq 1620 Not burning past lead in!



Hey guys, I have a brand new benq 1620 that i installed today, and it read cd’s/dvd’s fine, and can burn cd-r’s fine but it wont burn any dvd’s. the drive spins up, and in programs like nero, it says writing lead in, and it never gets past that… the drive just continues to spin forever and wont stop until I restart the computer… Ive tried different types of media (sony, TY, etc,) and it does the same thing. Is the drive defective or is it a hardware issue? I have a lg dvd burner and it burns fine… I dont know whats the problem.



First check the DMA settings:
It should be on UDMA 2.


yea its in dma 2

newest firmware too… i think its a hardware problem… im gonna exchage it for a new one if i cant get it working.


jazzi man before your rma it, remove the lg drive and ssee if it works…
reinstallin helped my problem…also what software?
for some reason my drive is jinxed with dvd-shrink and nero…try alcohol or dvdclone…create and image and burn with these two…works like a charm with mine…


Do you have anything else on the same IDE channel as the burner? If so, is the BenQ burner set as the master?

If you have another device on the same IDE channel, remove it and try to burn a disk with the BenQ as the only device on that channel.


OK update … apparently im an idiot. I returned the drive and got another one and when i hooked it up it did the same thing. I have fixed the problem now. I have a high end asus motherboard (P5GD2 premium) which contains onboard Silicon Image Sil3114R and ITE 8212F RAID controllers plus the Intel ICH6R southbridge controlers. I had the drive hooked up to the silicon image controler, and i guess it didnt like it, so now i have to hooked up to the intel controler and it works… weird… but im glad i got it working.