HELP: Benq 1620 Illegal Disc/Incompatible Media



I keep getting this error when I try to burn my dvds, sometimes it will work sometimes it won’t. Tried a bunch of diff media and getting the same thing. The discs are ProdiscF01. Tried Nero and Alcohol 120% same thing. Burner has the latest B7T9 Firmware. The discs that get rejectedd, if i do an info on them the drive does detect them and all. It will tell me the size and that they are blank and recordable just it won’t begin to write to them. Any suggestions? Its getting really annoying.

Thanks in advance guys.


Bad batch of discs?
Can you try the same discs on another DVD writer?


same discs that are being rejected, in my toshiba will work but my toshiba is only a 2x burner :confused:


N E 1?



BenQ is fried?


lower yur burn speed…

have you tried Qscan against to see what it says? it is not the gospel, but it will let you know if it can even read them and the speeds available.


cd burner is like a week old, they are 8x discs and i’ve tried dropping them all teh way down to 2x and still the same thing.

do you know where i could get qscan.


Try here.


Some ProdiscF01 discs can be total crap quality. But your drive should at least be able to burn them… :confused: