Help before I make the jump?

I understand cloning win7 – somewhat, but image backup I understand and do every month. If I image (only) win7 partition home premium (64bit) and restore that Image after the SSD drive install, what happens to the boot menu??

My issue is exactly what image to BU and what to install and is it going to boot right to win7?

On my main drive, I have 2 os’s running, I have be running XP pro (32bit) for yrs and for the last year or so have a dual boot with win7 (64bit). “I just want win7”

Right now, the win7 has it’s dual boot menu coming up first.

keep a recovery cd or a windows 7 install cd/dvd around,as your bootmanager is goin’ to complain after the transfer to the other drive…
You gonna need that cd/dvd for startup repair…

Ok, good ----- I have the win7 cd and burned the recommended repair cd.

So, I guess i’m ready Huh!!!

Depends on the fact how your os transfer will act,but also be prepared for some commandline lines if your system can’t repair the startup files automaticly…
Check some additional info HERE:slight_smile: