Help before destroy my computer!

Please help me im using nero 6 express to copy dvd’s and am using dvd+ disks to copy on (as it says RW DVD+R) on my laptop but nero keeps sayin use dvd- disks, but when i do, it just says error!


pretty please with sugar on top!

You must be in a hurry, info is a little hard to understand :slight_smile:

You are saying when you put a DVD +R in your drive, Nero doesn’t like it?

Have you checked the firmware for the drive. Sometimes they don’t recognize newer media until they have been updated. If that doesn’t help and you know for sure the drive is supposed to use DVD +Rs, then you might try a different brand of media, or switch to one with a lower burn speed rating.

If you get a chance, post the NeroHistory log in your Core directory. Take out your serial numbers and try to edit it down to just the last problem burn attempts. It is a text file and you can see where each burn starts and stops. Maybe it will show something.

Welcome to the forum Sama; your drive (writer) is usually double format drive which means will take both +R/RW & -R/RW plus Nero as a rule of thumb doesn’t tell you to use -R or +R it might tells this is a wrong disc. Therefore, problem might be some place else, try to uninstall Nero reboot and reinstall it again and as previous poster suggested you might want to consider upgrading your drive to the newest firmware.