Help! BCDB killed my 1655! Need BCAB to flash back!

I need help guys! I just flashed my 1655 from BCAB to BCDB (using the official firmware from the BenQ website) flash completed succesfully but the drive does not read any discs anymore! I put the disc in, any disc, and the light of the drive lights up momentarily and then turns off. I can not eject the disc until I reboot, and only at the BIOS boot screen I can eject it, if I let it go back into windows the eject button stops working when there is a disk in the drive. And no light. I reflashed while on safe mode, still the problem remains. Anyone knows where I can get BCAB to flash back? Any ideas?

It beats me why folk have to ‘tamper’ with perfectly good working products?? :rolleyes:

NEVER flash if you DONT have an ‘escape route’ back!

This was brought up in another post also…you wont be able to get an original BCAB firmware as there is no way to ‘dump’ from a BenQ drive…it is also not available on their site as of this moment…

Hence the reason I’m sticking to BCAB in the meantime :slight_smile: …its a fine firmware anyway…I see no reason to upgrade.

Geesh, no need to condemn the guy. He probably did what most people would do. :rolleyes:

CyberMan969, have you try to reflash it with BCDB again? I see it’s set as primary master, may be you can swap it with your LO and try that.

Geesh, no need to condemn the guy. He probably did what most people would do.

Then there can be no complaints when it all goes pear shaped can there?

I’m NOT condemning anyone!..I’m just telling it as it is :slight_smile:

Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted serves nothing at all?

Flashing is a RISK at the best of times…but to do it with no thought of what might happen if things go wrong is well…frankly foolish!

If he has killed his 1655…then I’m sorry…but the finger can only be pointed at one person…and that aint me. :disagree:

If there was a way for me to dump my BCAB and give it to him…then I would gladly do just that :iagree:

@CyberMan969. If you used the official BenQ flasher your warranty is still good. What IDE drivers are you using? You could try moving the drive to a different IDE cable and retry the flash in Safe Mode of course…

Contacted BenQ and they told me that the drive’s serial number is not on their database and it could be the case of drives made for the Asian market but sold in Europe. They are querying it with their head office, I should know in a couple of days. They said that it’s probably a faulty drive anyway. I reflashed, in safe mode with the drive on USB2 via adaptor, it again flashed succesfully but the fault remains. It makes a clicking shound and the light goes off almost instantly regardless of disc type, brand etc. I will try reflashing it on the laptop see what happens…

Sorry about the problems you have CyberMan969. :sad: Most probably only a bad flash.
If you still have a older compu collecting dust, this is the time to start it up.
Mu suggestion; try to reflash drive in safe mode (as suggested by crossg) on an older computer.

I’m not saying your current compu is bad, the opposite, it looks like a killer machine, but nForce based mobos are kinda tricky when it comes to ATAPI drives. Are you using windows IDE drivers?

Okay, I killed my drive (a 1640 with 1655 f/w) to that stage it’s not seen any more, not even in bios. It was perfectly working, yes and I didn’t have a “escape route”. But so what, the drives are cheap nowdays and at least I (and hopefully a few others) learned something new.
Not all “killer” flashes have to be bad! :smiley:

“Foolish”… hmmm, that’s an overstatement IMO.

No luck. This is the second drive I ever lost in 7 years from a bad flash. (First was Liteon 1693 which went south not so long ago after too many reflashes and speed patch trials…) Still, I don’t regret it, after all it was an official BenQ firmware patch and they said they will exchange it for a new drive anyways…

Here is the ode to the Pilgrims of RMA despair:

"…RMA hell, the faithful come again,
to savour once more the taste of waiting…
A bitter flavour mixed with sweet, divine anticipation,
of the courier bringing another drive to its destiny…

In other words:
Bring it on, DHL!

i will only upgrade once new firmware allows me to burn dl at speeds faster than 2.4x. otherwise im getting dl scans at 95% or better with current firmware. flashing scares me…

Hehe. Nice to see you have a good attitude towards RMA, it’s refreshing to say the least. Best of luck with your new drive CyberMan969.:slight_smile:

Well, it’s no worth bitching 'n moaning, I still have my Liteon and a NEC to play with (and possibly destroy…) And even if they didn’t change it I’d still buy another one. Actually I will probably buy a 1650 as well, I want to run head to head burns/quality scans…

Hi :slight_smile:
It might be too late in the day, but you could try flashing .cvt file in safe mode.,cvt file:

hi zebadee !
The link to the cvt is forbidden or the file removed.

Works fine here, you need to use IE to get there. :slight_smile:

Works fine here also, I think barebear is right.

I really doubt that flashing alone caused his drive to not work…theres something else going on. Flashing is neccessary to keep up with media its most likely just a bad drive or he has software running thats preventing a good flash.

@cyberflash try flashing with bqflasher and see if that fixes it…you can flash the BCDC firmware to make it a 1650 and see if it works then flash it back to BCDB. and Bqflasher does work with .exe as well as .cvt

Hi :slight_smile:
For .cvt file, if using FF. Right click link, then goto open link in IE tab & click. That should get you the file. Otherwise IE is the other option. :bigsmile:

Trying crossflashing of 1655 to 1650 (then back again)is an option to be explored. :iagree:


First, I strongly disagree with this comment: “NEVER flash if you DONT have an ‘escape route’ back!”. This is a false warning. Many new drives, not only BenQs, released their updated firmware without providing the initial firmware. If this was the case then nobody would flash their drive from the initial firmware, which as you can see from all over ODD forum, it’s simply not true.

Second and last, I would love to see a friendly and helpful comments and/or solution, from everyone, please. :cop:

Try hooking your drive up to the IDE line, I believe I read that your using a USB2 adapter?

Im sure your drive is not dead, otherwise it would not be responding to the firmware update request…

Hi :slight_smile:
If you look again @ CyberMan969s sig, he lists 1655 as sole device on IDE 1.