Help: Battlefield 2 DELUXE Edition Mini Image

I’ve beeen trawling the internet for some time in order to work out how to make a mini image out of my BF2:Deluxe DVD.
I’ve read many tutorials, and tried all of them, but I can never seem to get a working mini image. I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible as this is not really my scene, I usually just download them :slight_smile:
I know links aren’t allowed to be posted, and warez is frowned upon! But I’ve checked the ‘usual’ sites, but no help there.
I don’t really like the idea of having to copy the entire 2.6gb worth of the DVD in a full image just so i can play at my Uni.

Any help to make a reasonable sized image will be greatly appreciated, i’d also appreciate it if i get told that it isn’t possible!


I have a MiniImage from CD1, 1.8 meg, rar filesize 280k… I suppose I could e-mail it to you…

Introduced in SD 4.5 there are 5 additional sector checks spread over the media, that’s why mini images don’t work anymore. If Battlefield 2 DELUXE is protected by SD 4.5 (or higher) the only way to get a “reasonable sized image” is to create a “Maxi image” and then use Windows file compression on that. I’ve sent you a link which explains how to achieve that with Bushound trial + BW5Tweaker. If that’s too laborious, you could also burn your full image with any premastering software as a data disk (>2GB -> UDF), and mount that directly from DVD in Daemon Tools’ virtual drive … or you could create and burn your image with Blindwrite 6 (BW6 has to stay installed as it’s an emulated copy)

btw. Does a full image run ? In case it doesn’t -> blacklisting issue

Thanks very much for the information, I will try out bushound!
Yeah, the full image runs perfectly, but then again I already have anti-blacklisting tools on my computer, so that might be the case! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, much apprecicated!

Please don’t ask for mini images to be sent to you. This can be used for illegal downloaded games.

could someone plz help me out? my email address is [Don’t post your email address on an open forum unless you want to be spammed out of existence.] thanks

i dont know how to make the mini image file from my cd? ane help would be much appretiated

do have daemon though so i know where to put it but as i said i dont know how to make the image file plz reply.

Read this.

k thanks philamber it works fine! except…

it works for about 1 minute and than it automaticlly closes down.

any ideas how to fix this?

What works for 1 minute? Creating the image, or BF2?

I have been using a mini-image for BF2 and Special forces since day one, and it still work perfectly. There is a website which hosts all no-cd type of files for ALL games. It is where I got my mini-image. PM me for the website, and I can also tell you which one of the few that are posted, that I use.

i found out that its when ever i go on multiplayer it closes battlefield 2 down. any help

You need a valid key to play multiplayer. Buy the game, it is worth it.

you still need a DVD or CD, and this is what its for, i always buy ORIGINAL cdkeys from ebay, but CHOSE not to get the DVD shipped to save money

this do not damage the game companies and who the hell wants to make the post rich

besides i HATE DVD’s, i dont want to deal with stupid disks

BTW i would really need a miniimage now for bf2142 : /
i got the cd-key already, but even if i wanted the DVD would take upto 2 weeks to get here

Sorry folks… It doesn’t work, so please stop asking for it…

can i just point out that people are getting banned perm now for using any exe or mini image for online play so careful :slight_smile:

are you fucking kidding me?

any articles on this?

I know some people playing BF2 online using a mini image they got no problems on ranked servers. As casemods mentioned you got any info on this?

That’s me…but I’m not playing until I am sure I’m not going to get banned.

I’m pretty sure that only no cd .exe’s are going to be any trouble.