Help badflashed samsung 552b

Ok, newbie here and i messed up flashing in windows. So how do i reflash in mtkflash in Dos. In device manager my drive is now showing up tS-h552bboot.The light stays on all the time and drive is useless.
I have downloaded the six flash versions from the Samung site along with MTKflash vers 1.69…can i use any of these. Also what should my command line be if drive is on Primary Master, mtkflash and .bin file also on floppy.

ps is there an easy way to detect and make sure the drive is connected as Primary Master!!!

Any help greatly appreciated…Neal

first rename the bin to make it shorter. 1 or a or something.
download version 1.83c mtkflash.
copy to floppy, make sure to include mtkflash.typ

so to recap.
on your floppy you need .
1 or whatever you called it.

use this command.
mtkflash 3 w b/ 1.bin
put spaces where shown.

are you sure your drive is primary master?
if so replace 3 with 1
primary master 1
primary slave 2
secondary master 3
secondary slave 4

hope it helps

ok is there a way of telling if the drive is primary master etc, i am removing other cdrw drive and just having the dvdrw on the ide cable with jumper set as master.
Also is mktflash.typ different than mktflask !!!
And finally i take it i move the 3 files onto a bootup floppy i will be making with Windows ME

Sorry if this is all long winded but i am a newbie with this level of computer science!

you need 2 floppies.
1 windows me start disc
2 mtkflash/mtkflash.typ/bin file.

download 1.83c
copy everything to 2nd floppy disc
including bin file.
so on this disc you should have.

start machine with first disc.
once disc has loaded swap for second disc.
mtkflash 3 w /b 1.bin

assuming your bin is called 1
good luck

For MTKFlASH, I used 6.4GB HDD + CD-ROM (CD-RW disk in it) on a Cel 466MHz PC. That PC costs nearly zero but is still good enough for DOS-based firmware flashing. :slight_smile:

Have a CD-RW disk to boot into Win 95/98/ME with the .bin files and flasher programs also on the same disk.

My config:

PM: HDD (four FAT/FAT32 partitions)
PS: DVD writer to be flashed
SM: CD-ROM (bootable CD-RW or CD-R inside)
SS: DVD writer to be flashed

If my efforts fail, would this be a simple job for someone if i took it into a local computer repair shop (NOT PC WORLD) with floppies already created! It would hardly cost and arm and a leg!!!

its fairly easy you should have no problem
what country you live in

im in Northern Ireland, if it fails are you offering for a small fee and postage!!!

do you no how to start your computer with the boot disc.
if so try it. it cant get any worse.
click on my name and send a message if you want help.

Well I gave it a go but no good. Mtkflash 1.83c seemed to load ok when I typed in the flash command it came up with error message

FUJI (MBM29LV800BA) (+3.3v)

Failed to open input file

As ideas, is this something to do with the bin file I downloaded not been read properly. I downloaded and tried all 6 (TS00 to TS06) from the Samsung website!

I also tried changing the letter of the drive, seems like the 3 setting is the only one that works as the other three leave the computer hanging with a flashing dash (-)

Any more ideas

if you are getting (failed to open input file)
then you are typing the name of the bin file wrong, O instead of 0 probably.
take TS06 and rename it to 1.
you cant go wrong then.

that should do you.

Hi, i did rename it to 1 so i can see that as being the problem. At a loss now

one more thing.
you did include the .bin part after the 1.

one line i left out that was displayed is port 170 master/slave aO

does this mean anything!

yes included the .bin part first time, no joy then i figured that windows was adding its own extension so the file was actually called 1.bin.bin so i just named it 1, but still no joy

no that dont mean much.

yes i did type .bin after naming it 1 (1.bin)

the 3 part is probably right.
just need to figure out why it cant open the file.
have you tried leaving it as it was. TS-H552B_TS06.BIN
and i know it sounds stupid but you have got the bin file on same disc as mtkflash.

yes on same disk, will try keeping it the same. What i am not really sure about is if my dvdrw is actually master or master slave!, its on a seperate ide cable from hard drive and is only drive connected!

it could only be 3 or 4.
can you stay online for ten mins.
so can check my disc.
then i can email you the contents to try.
this way you only need one disc, as it has all the files to start and flash.
do you have winrar or winzip.