HELP : Bad flash on a DDW-813s drive

I have a bad flash on my DDW-813S and I need to reflash it.
Can anyone help me with getting a binay for reflashinf this drive with Mtkflash ?
Thanks in advance

i’v never heard of a 813s…
what firmware was there on the drive before flashing?

This drive can only be found in stand alone devices like LiteOn LVW-5005 or Philips DVDR520H. I have already post a Thread on Lite-On Standalone DVD Recorder/Player Forum but no response

Latest firmware is B20B. Go to Lite-On Americas site You’ll need your standalone serial number.

Many thanks for your help. I hope that anyone who has a ddw-813s will be kind enough to backup his drive with Ltnfw or Mtkflash

Its been a while since Orphee first wrote about firmware for his ddw-813s, however I have not seen too many threads regarding this drive for the liteon 5005 recorder and I wanted to share my experience and hope it may help others.
My machine now works better than ever and was solved in the end rather cheaply and very quickly after I spent quite some time reading other forums in this website.

I bought my Liteon 5005 in sept 04 and it was at the time the cheapest DVD recorder you could get in Australia- $350.00. It worked fine for about 2 months then I started having problems. It would not read various disks (mainly DVD-RWs) so I took it back to be hopefully replaced. Liteon however do not have a replacement policy and so I ended up waiting 1 month before I got it back -repaired!
The machine then worked ok for another few months and then again it started to play up. DVD-R and DVD-RW could not be recorded to but DVD+RW’s worked fine so didn’t bother taking it back again. Machine stayed like this up until a couple of weeks ago when then it would not record to any type of disk whats so ever. I tried all the best brands (TDK-Verbatim-Sony-JVC etc etc) with no luck with the exception of 2 “Laser” brand DVD+RW which for some reason still worked perfectly (funny enough, these are the cheapest DVD+RW disks I could find and have allways worked better than any other on my machine). 8 of my other Lasers were having the same problems though.

Anyhow, I checked my receipts and found my 1 years warr had expired. I had nothing to loose and so thought I would try a firmware upgrade to resolve the problem. The problem with that however and i have not seen any discussions previously the same, is that the firmware update disks could not be read by my machine! Tried CD-R, CD-RW,DVD+RW and all came up with either no disk, invalid disk or data disk. My next solution was to remove the burner by taking it apart and flashin it when connecting this to a PC (see flash fix firmware). By taking the case of my box I saw for the first time I had a DDW-813s burner. Like Orphee, I could not find any flash’s for this burner but saw somewhere that it was the same as a Lite SOHW 1633 drive. I then flashed the drive after using “flashfix.exe” to remover warning and was updated successfully, however this did not fix anything - no change.

I then read that other people have replaced their burner within their 5005. SHM-160P6S was mentioned but I could not find one of these but found a SHW-1635s instead which is also a 16x DL DVD± burner . I paid only $63.00 Australian dollars for this in Sydney and was skeptical as to what would happen as I tried hooking my LG 4136B before with no luck. It was simply a matter of connection the power and IDE cable to the burner (make sure jumper is on master) and turning it on.
I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as everthing fired up as normal and no matter what disk i through at it, it recognised them all with no problems. The actual replacement of the drive was very easy though tricky with the end of the tray to get aligned perfectly. I have not bothered to put the cover for the tray door back on as its to fiddley a kept getting stuck when closing. I don’t give a damm about that anyway as I was going to put and axe through the machine before having this success and i missing part of the front panel is nothing. It now works better than new and I have not needed to touch the software/firmware. Anyone could do this and save yourself alot of frustration. I am not a teckie and was surprised that my problem for over a year could be fixed within 10 minutes and cost only $63.00.

Thanks to all you other CD Freaks that showed me the way by these forums

I just wanted to say Thank you thank you Wow I read your post and ill was about to toss my Raidoshack dvd recorder in the trash this thing was doing the same thing to me 3 times i took it back and got a new one then my warenty was up too. it would burn the disks then a week later it would go invaild disk or just say evey new sony or tdk disk i put in was bad invaild disk
so after i though there gos all my vacation and wedding vidieos i was pissed. then i did a search for this and it came up So I replaced my drive with a LITEON SHW-160P6S for $38.00 form newegg and it works better then new what a save thank you.